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Though there is no confirmation of the renewal of the serial under the name “Our Little Family” for the third season, the announcement seems like being around the corner as the ranking and a general appreciation of the story are contributing to us understanding that the continuation of the story should take place without any doubts.

What should we know about the reality project itself?

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A new project under the title “Our Little Family” broke into the American television in the middle of February in the antecedent year. Featuring particularly the life of the members of the family consisting of little people, the reality show comes to be a product of the company titled The Studio that is considered to be a part of the well-known enterprise called Discovery Studios. The serial is put to airing originally on TLC. The first season is composed of the entire eight parts.
As far as the sophomore season is concerned, it debuted in August in the preceding year. Its future at those times release was announced once the first season bowed out with a great ranking level and positive reviews obtained during broadcasting.

What is depicted in the given series?

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The central heroes of the story are the married couple composed of Dan and Michelle Hamill. They bring up their three kids if to be more concrete the twins Cece and  Cate and also their elder brother. The family is large enough but the thing is that all the members of this social unit are suffering achondroplasia. They are small in height but their kind hearts are large enough.
The very idea of this story is really worth depicting it as the majority of people get used to ignoring, keeping aloof from people with dwarfism or even abusing them. The heroes of this TV show are to provide us with thoughts that they are proud of whom they are in fact and that they deserve leading a normal life as other people.
In the pioneer season, the watchers are following the usual events in life of these characters as they celebrate holidays, making journeys, etc. In the second season, the twins go to dance school and their elder brother is at the stage of preparation for the gold competition. In the sophomore season, the members of the family are getting used to leading a healthy way of life.

Some words about ratings

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The serial broke to the world of American television with a great number of positive reviews. The total number of viewers during airing the pioneer chapter constituted about 1.8 million watchers.  This makes the project and its very idea promising and potential enough to develop other sequential chapters.
According to the current state of events, we have no information available about the Our Little Family season 3 release date as well as whether the project is going to get its continuation. We can only suppose that the serial should appear in the shape of new episodes as the ratings and success of the story are speaking for themselves.


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