One Born Every Minute Season 10

Revolving around women who make labor, the series comes to be created not for people with weak nerves. Nevertheless, it does garner the large audience. As of today, the project is renewed for season 10 due to the already mentioned reasons. Stay tuned in order to catch the exposal of the launch date.

Briefly About the Show

The idea of the One Born Every Minute has been given a prosperous start on the British channel entitled as Channel 4 in 2010. Since then, the hit has garnered the collection of nine seasons.
One Born Every Minute Season 10 Poster
The observational docuseries is narrated by Steven Hartley while created by the duo of Dragonfly Film and Television Productions.
The release of the latest season is dated back to March 2016. The show is so successful that has already given birth to multiple adaptations in various countries throughout the globe including United States, Sweden, and France.

What is Followed Here?

The title of the show suggests everything. The participants of the show are women who should go through the labor ward operations. It is an ordeal but all women should cope with this challenge in order to become moms.
The idea is rather controversial and has aroused buzz around this docuseries. According to the point-of-view of opponents, the show is adding more to the scare felt by women to make labor offering a terrible view of the process rather than a more balanced one.
There has been even a petition to forbid creating this TV series, which has been canceled. Has this influenced the broadcast results? What are rating figures? Let’s clarify this moment in detail.

Superb Results: There is no Way to Do Without Revival

One Born Every Minute Season 10 Promo
The series can be considered as one of the most watched fixed rig multicamera programs as for now. The series viewership cannot but amaze. The peak of its popularity is when the number reach 5 million watchers audience. The latest installment is noted for 2.1 million watchers.
The magnificent results are proved by the BAFTA in the category of a Best Factual Series. The score on IMDb is also promising and equals 7.4 points out of 10.
The success of the story has made us think that the cancellation of it is not the thing that we can expect in the near future. The amazing joy radiating from the birth process is worth those pains and this is shown in the series. The program is of great social value and should be produced further.

Spring Inspiring Updates

Despite the decline in ratings, the veteran show has received its continuation according to the announcements made in this spring. The viewership is still decent and so far, there are no reasons to cancel the story.
The One Born Every Minute season 10 release date is not near in coming so far. We should arm ourselves with patience and wait for some time. The worthy story needs time for its creation, surely.
We will follow the updates for you. Check back with us and you will get to know everything at first hand.


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