Off Their Rockers Season 5

The format of sketches on television still has a wide popularity among the public, and it is not only the youth but also the old. At the same time the cast of these projects usually are young and energetic actors, but the series Off Their Rockers on ITV channel breaks all the stereotypes. The basis of the show are so-called pranks, which today have become extremely common, but the main roles in them are performed by the elderly, which adds even more interest in the program. The fourth season of the sitcom ended not long ago, and now many fans of the British project send the creators the same question that they are worried about: when will Off Their Rockers season 5 return on the screens? Release date of this popular project hasn’t been announced yet, which makes the coming of the new episode even more desired.

Production Info

Off Their Rockers Season 5 Poster
Its success the show first got on April 7, 2013, when the first season premiere was launched. By today four seasons have been released; the latest season air date was set for November 6, 2016 and that part consisted of 7 episodes.
The format of Off Their Rockers is based on a few other popular projects in the genre of sketches: a Belgian show Benidorm Bastards and an American program Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.
The creator of the current product is Tim Van Aelst; the directors of the series working on it since 2014 are:

  • Tom Vinnicombe;
  • Matt Holt;
  • Steve Harwood.

Executive producers developing the program on TV are such professionals as:

  • Mobashir Dar;
  • Murray Boland;
  • Danielle Lux.

The company producing Off Their Rockers is CPL Productions; the channel which is going to present the next season start is ITV, a world famous network.

Plot Review

Off Their Rockers Season 5 Cast
This project is based on practical jokes taken with a hidden camera, and, as it has already been mentioned, the main characters of these sketches are elderly people who are not afraid of their age and have been entertaining the audience for several years. The age of these people ranges from 63 to 86 years, but on the screen the actors are just transformed, causing many passers fall into awkward situations and be uncomfortable, which gives the viewers incredible pleasure.
The renewed show is supposed to be connected with same genre of pranks, and the audience is waiting for the continuation with great interest.

Series Rating and Soon Renewal

When new season release date has been announced, the series will certainly gain a greater number of followers than before. According to today’s rating on IMDB (6.7/10) it may seem that the series is not quite popular, but it is not. The public hopes that the last and finale authors’ decision regarding the continuation will be announced as soon as possible, so stay tuned to get the schedule of the episodes of season five and go on to watch the jokes of funny old people.


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