Ocean Warriors Season 2

To begin with, the agenda is the documentary that reveals the problems that threaten the ocean nowadays. It is quite a great idea for portrayal, certainly, as something should be made in order to stop the destructive force and to restore the health of the ocean. The series premiered in December 2016. Following this, we have no hopes for the immediate appearance of Ocean Warriors season 2 release date but we believe in the near announcement of the resumption.
Ocean Warriors Season 2 Spoiler
The cast of executives working hard on the project is long enough yet some of them we should mention come rain or shine:

  • Laura Michalchyshyn,
  • Paul Allen,
  • Carole Tomko,
  • Mark Benjamin,
  • Jody Gottlieb,
  • Rocky Collins and some others.

Sundance Productions, Animal Planet, Brick City TV and Vulcan Productions are companies behind the production.

Poignant Issues

There is no denying the thought that the ocean is the greatest part of our planet but the destructive forces make rare species inhabiting it just disappear. Many of them are now on the edge of contamination. Something should be made and scientists, nature activists, and journalists keep examining the ocean world embarking on various missions around the globe.
Ocean Warriors Season 2 Promo
What are those destructive forces? They are diverse but one of them is uncontrolled poaching. The humanity destroys everything with its own hands.  We should remember this and start to remedy the situation.

What Are Ratings?

As for immediate figures, they are not so high as it could have been expected, with almost 0.3 million watchers per each new episode, though it is referred to nature-conscious shows. Such a level cannot convince us of the fact that the new season air date is a thing that will be revealed under any circumstances. What can inspire us is the very social significance of the docuseries.
When will the new season premiere be arranged by the channel again?  Will it be ever? It would be marvelous and useful indeed to see the show renewed so that as many viewers as possible could become informed with the issues examined in depth in Ocean Warriors. The renewal has not been stated. However, stay tuned for it! At the same time, do not forget that due to the recent debut, there is not waiting for exposal of the second season release date so far!


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