North Woods Law Season 5

A long-running and highly-rated series referred to as “North Woods Law” has premiered recently in the form of the already the fifth run specifically on June 02, 2016. So now we are in the wait of information concerning ratings of the current installment and the following chapter feasibility.

Speaking about the project in whole

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Peculiar for the high acceptance, the series named as “North Woods Law” comes to be developed by Engel Entertainment as a sequel to the hit reality series referred to as Alaskan Bush People.
The brilliant inspirer of the series whom we should thank for this project is reckoned to be Nicole Page.
The broadcast of the serial is taken on the American channel titled Animal Planet. By the genre, it is a documentary series which revolves around a working life of people with a hazardous field for activity.
Debuting with the release of the pioneer season at the beginning of March 2012, the project and its developers have now four full seasons behind their belt being available on various online resources and the current fifth chapter that is now on the run.

Plot summary

This real unscripted story comes to chronicle the life and work of the local elite wardens in Maine packed with much jeopardy in it. Putting their life at stake every time, they guard and rescue the animals and catch poachers.
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Maine is considered to be a place with the most enormous volume of woods in the whole USA being perched in it. Consequently, people living there are searching for easy pickings. We mean here in particular hunting which is out of law in fact but this is not a grave impediment for people unfortunately. So the wardens have a lot of work in Maine.

The fourth season ratings

The fourth installment has been put to airing at the end of the fall 2015 beginning to provide the viewers with the expected amount of episodes constituting 10.  Each episode lasts for about the entire hour.
Right from the start, the watchers dive into two subjects presented here – crime and nature. Putting their life at a considerable risk, the wardens are to protect wildlife and bring criminals to justice.
The success of this documentary cannot be doubted as the amount of watchers that are united in the loyal following of the series as well as the number of favorable commentaries coming from critics as well as from common viewers is growing from season to season.
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One thing, however, should be taken for consideration specifically the dry and ever repeated narration. If to be more concrete, nothing new and special come to be added. The developers thus should think over it in order not to lose the fan base in the future.

The fifth chapter debut

The fifth chapter is now broadcast on its home channel. The premiere was set just a few days ago specifically on June 2. As it is expected, we are lucky to enjoy 11 episodes down the road with several ones being already accessible on various online resources. Keep abreast of the situation of the given project together with us and enjoy the current portion of new episodes.


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