Nightwatch Season 3

Tthe producers of the channel titled A&E formally restarted aA new criminal drama “Nightwatch”. So far, we have no information about the exact premiere date. So stay tuned to be notified about it timely.

Brief description of the serial

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Nightwatch is famous criminal drama broadcast on A&E. The serial focuses on the work of the New Orleans emergency services. The executive of the project is Dick Wolf together with Tom Thayer, Rasha Drachkovitch, Drew Tappon, Lily Neumeyer, Shelly Tatro and Devon Graham. The first chapter consists of 9 episodes. Each one lasts for about 60 minutes.

What is the show all about?

The serial focuses on the professional lives of emergency workers on night shifts. They include representatives of the police force, firefighters, and doctors. New Orleans is noted for very active nightlife. There is no doubt that it results in consequences each night. So the heroes of the serial have a lot of work to do each shift. The number of calls is so large that they often can’t even find a minute to have some rest. They are always on the move. They cannot afford that minute of a break as they must keep the people of the city safe and sound.
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The creators of the show are pleased with the success of the project. It was possible thanks to the workers of the emergency services who made the very filming of this project possible.
The second chapter depicts hazardous situations, with which the workers on shift have to deal.

What do we know about the total number of viewers?

According to the information received while and after releasing the pioneer season, the total number of viewers is fluctuating between 0.5 and 1.2 million people. So as we can see, the results are quite promising yet average. Praised by the critics, the serial has great chances in the future if the developers will make a decision in favor of further producing of the serial.

When can we expect the release of the next part?

Nightwatch Season 3 Cast
At the very end of the past month, we were lucky to find out from the announcement on Holly Monteleone’s Twitter account that the serial was officially resumed for the third season. The new episode will probably include 12 entire series. The statement came from developers timely, without holding the fans of the show in anticipation of information about a possible renewal.
As reported, the filming of the serial has already started. So we have to be prepared for the announcement of the Nightwatch season 3 release date soon. So stay tuned together with us to get information straight from the source.


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