Naked and Afraid XL Season 3

Naked and Afraid XL is a reality TV series created in the USA. The premiere episode was broadcast on Discovery Channel on the 12th of July 2015. There are two seasons with 19 episodes in it. The show is produced by Sean Foley, David Story and others.


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There are 12 participants in the project. Half men, half women. Their aim is to survive out in the wild for 40 days. Each of the contestants can take one or two helpful things with him. He or she can choose whatever he or she wants. The trouble is that they are not allowed to take any other stuff like clothes, food and water. They are filmed all way through, but camera men have no right to intervene except for the emergency cases. Anyone from the cast has a chance to leave the project any time. They can simply stop fulfilling the tasks and get back home. The participants have to hunt, make traps, and gather food in wilderness. They must be patient to build shelters themselves, with no help from the outside. All materials they use are natural. After the period of 40 days, they get together in a certain point. They evaluate their success, which helps them understand if they’ll be able to continue. The show has no winners and prizes. It’s about feelings, true emotions and morals.

Viewers’ Feedback

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Most of the viewers say that XL version of the show is a lot more captivating than the original Naked and Afraid project. There’s a mass of hardships that the contestants have to experience. The hardest circumstances usually appear at the very beginning of the show. The participants are very interesting people and half of the project feels exciting because of their interactions with each other.
However, some of the fans say that the survival elements of Naked and Afraid XL aren’t revealed till the end. The filming concentrated on emotions and relationships too much. Hunting and escaping scenes look fake cause the participants of the show almost never appear together with wild animals on the screen. They are filmed separately as if they never met real life. The critics agree that this “reality” project is too scripted. Looks unnatural. Most of the characters are self-centered and egoistic.
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Release Date

The last episode of the second season was released on the 28th of August 2016. There’s no info about the renewal of the project, but Discovery Channel didn’t say anything about the cancellation, so we’ll have to wait.


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