Naked and Afraid XL Season 2

Holding itself as a version of the survival breakthrough on Discovery Channel, Naked and Afraid XL presents a project with the extended range of challenges and difficulties with which the members of the show should cope.  Now the second season of the series is waiting for the beginning of its release in the middle of this summer.

Regarding main fabrication aspects of the show

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Presenting something of a novelty to the watchers, Naked and Afraid XL, the freshly minted variant of the serial franchise under the title “Naked and Afraid”, has intended to present a new portion of hard challenges for the naked participants of the reality series starting from the middle of July of the previous year.
Aired as well on Discovery Channel as its parental project, Naked and Afraid XL is a child of Renegade 83 with the executive team being composed of such names as David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe and Sean Foley.
By the genre, it is the same as its predecessor – an adventurous story about survival. Naked and Afraid has been already revived for the sixth installment by the way.

Facing supersized challenges in a new version

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Following the title of this version, we can make a statement without even referring to the information about the serial available on the official website that we are dealing here with the extended amount as well as quality of challenges and with another area for exploration.
Let’s remind you that the core idea of Naked and Afraid lies in surviving without having clothes on you, food, water, and other necessaries of life traveling the remote territories. The amount of participants there counts 100 people. The competitors were struggling with each other for about 3 weeks in general.
In this extended variant of the reality show, the competition is held in a very remote equatorial jungle of Colombia among six males and six females who are considered to be extreme survivalists with their own expertise. This challenge is lasting for 40 days and is composed as we have already noted of exponentially more difficult tasks than they have tried ever in the past.

Following recent news

Naked and Afraid XL Season 2 Cast
For a considerably long period, nothing has been heard about the fate of the project under the title “Naked and Afraid XL”. Now starting from the second half of this month, we are aware of the current verdict. The thing is that due to a big break on its channel, the given serial has turned to be revived by its developers for the sophomore installment.
The Naked and Afraid XL season 2 release date comes also to be known. It is July 10, 2016. So the loyal following of the franchise are now in the know with what they are aiming to amuse itself with in the upcoming Sunday amidst summer 2016.
With the concrete launch date being already known, we cannot exclude the opportunity to get to know some other interesting details about this show. In order to get to know them timely, monitor the situation following our service.


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