Naked and Afraid Season 6

Among the variety of projects on Discovery Channel a special place occupies an extreme and unpredictable reality series called Naked and Afraid, which has been watched by the audience since the summer of 2013. Such a long time in one of the most popular channels in the world is an indicator of love and viewers’ interest in the show, full of adventure, mystery and harsh conditions that must be overcome by its participants. By now already 5 seasons of the program have been presented to the public, but it is not enough, so the authors more and more often hear from the audience the same question: when does Naked and Afraid season 6 premiere?

Release date of the next season premiere hasn’t been officially presented yet, but according to finale surveys the return of a new episode is being awaited impatiently. If the renewed series debuts soon, it will be a real pleasure for those who consider the project to be one of the most interesting on modern TV.
Naked and Afraid Season 6 date release

Creators and Producers

The first season start aired on June 23, 2013, and since then the public has watched 5 seasons all including 63 episodes. The latest season five debuted on March 13, 2016, and its last series was shown on June 12, 2016. Executive producers, whose main task is to develop the project and involve and select new cast are the following people:

  • Stephen Rankin;
  • Missy Hughes;
  • Denise Contis;
  • David Garfinkle;
  • Simon Andreae;
  • Jay Renfroe;
  • Joseph Boyle.

The narrator of Naked and Afraid is Michael Brown, an actor.
Naked and Afraid Season 6

The company producing the program and responsible for all its air dates is Renegade 83 Entertainment; the network broadcasting all the series new episodes and that one which is undoubtedly to present the sixth season release date is Discovery Channel, a widely known network in the US and abroad.

Brief Review

The main participants of the project are couples of men and women who have to survive in the wild with a certain set of things given to them: a camera, a microphone, as well as one item of their choice (it may be matches, an ax, and so on.). As the name implies, the humans have minimum clothes. In case there is a medical emergency in the process of filming, a medical team is always on duty nearby. But everything else – the finding of food, lodging, etc. – is the care of the participants themselves.
Naked and Afraid Season 6

Possibilities for Continuation

When the coming of the new season six will be confirmed by the creators themselves, it will definitely cause a stir among the viewers waiting for the continuation. On a famous website IMDB Naked and Afraid has a 6.7/10 score. When new schedule is presented, it will certainly be announced on the Internet, so stay tuned not to miss this event and get all the news concerning the next season air date.

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