Naked and Afraid Season 6

Another long-running survival show on Discovery Channel in now at the prospect of the verdict that should be carried out by the producers of the home TV network. But as the fifth season is now on the run, we cannot hope for the quick appearance of news concerning the resumption.

What should we know basically about the serial?

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Naked and Afraid is basically the series that is aiming to teach us how to survive against the backdrop of extreme weather. Being developed by the American fabrication company called Renegade 83 Entertainment and broadcast on Discovery Channel starting from the end of June 2013, the given reality show is produced by such personalities as David Garfinkle, Jay Rentroe, Steve Rankin, Denise Contin and Joseph Boyle.
The fifth season that is now in the air has been released in the middle of this past March. The serial has got already its co-projects including Naked Confessions and Naked and Afraid XL. These spinoffs were given birth yet in the antecedent year, particularly in the middle of summer.

What does the serial feature in particular?

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Living in the isolated territories where Mother Nature is the only one ruler on which propositions your way of living hinges is a truly difficult decision to make. But the participants of this exact show are not afraid to face the challenges.
The serial features the life of courageous people divided into couples. With the episodes unfolding, they try out their survival abilities taking part in a specific competition during which they are always naked and very much afraid as the title of the story implies.
The members of the show should struggle with animals and search for food and water. Each participant is compelled to bring a helpful thing. Each one can leave the game at any moment. If deciding to play the game to the full, the members must reach the destination in order to be picked up.  One part is depicting the quest of one pair of participants.
As for the location, the action is set in different places including such countries as Canada and Australia.

Loyal following and ratings

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The most recent chapter that is now broadcast has been accepted best of all right from the beginning of its release. According to the official data, we are dealing with the scoring that constitutes about 2 million people. For such a theme depicted, the serial can be counted nothing but the breakthrough, at least on its home channel. Both common watchers of the show and critics are united in considering that the serial is realistic enough and bonafide.

Prospects of renewal

As the serial presents a considerable interest to the steady audience, there can be no hesitation when considering the possibility of the resumption. In the majority of reasons, it should be renewed for the sixth round. But as so far we are unaware of the Naked and Afraid season 6 release date and the very feasibility of the resumption, there is some sense to keep abreast of the situation while enjoying the current chapter.


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