MythBusters: The Search Season 2

MythBusters: The Search is a reality TV series created and released in the Australia. The release was carried out by Science Channel with the first season release date on the 7th of January 2017. That’s a spin-off of the world-renowned reality TV series filmed with the participation of the young generation of mythbusters. They use their building abilities and technical skills in order to prove or bust various myths presented on television. The cast is planning to become myth-busting superstars of the new times. MythBusters: The Search season 2 release date is unknown yet, because the show is still in its first season. Follow the news together with us and you won’t miss another new episode of the show.


MythBusters: The Search Season 2 Release Date
The iconic show is revived with young science superstars dealing with new myths demonstrating their knowledge, skills and mind-blowing myth busting abilities. These brave hopefuls have steel nerves and never-ending patience. They communicate with the viewers and fans through social media giving people a chance to evaluate their abilities and compare them with their totally different predecessors. The challenges they pass through have nothing to do with the ones proved or busted in the original project.
The main member of the cast and the host of the project id Kyle Hill, who’s always been fond of MythBusters series. He is certain to do his best to make the show as popular as the original version. Together with his team, he demonstrates ingenuity and various know-hows.
They continue myth busting expressing never-ending curiosity and surprising experimentation with explosions and other unpredictable consequences.

Viewers’ Opinion

MythBusters: The Search Season 2 Release Date
The opinions about the show are quite different. Most part of the viewers started watching MythBusters: The Search because of the addiction to the original project. However, most part of them agrees that the title and overall style of the filming is misleading. Some say that the show is actually bad. The direction and script are also often criticized. The critics joke that the show is an intentional flop. Do you agree with it?

2nd Season Air Date

Science Channel shares no relevant information about the future of MythBusters: The Search in its second installment. If you’re willing to know more about when the producers are planning to prolong the show for one more season, stay tuned to our updates. What do you think about this installment of the iconic project? Will you watch it? What do you think about the cast and is it actually a lot different from the original project?


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