My Last Days Season 2

My Last Days is a new docuseries on The CW channel. The first broadcast has been arranged quite recently. The freshman season release date is reckoned August 17, 2016. The series is hosted and shot by one person named by Justin Baldoni (Jane The Virgin). Two companies Wayfarer Entertainment and SoulPancake are behind the TV series. Apart from Baldoni, the team of executives includes:

  • Rainn Wilson,
  • Ahmed Musiol,
  • Farhoud Meybodi,
  • Sam Baldoni.

Following the Concept

My Last Days Season 2 Cast
At the center of this documentary, we see six people who are suffering from dangerous diseases and can die at any moment. Despite the sad situation in their lives, they stay active and happy and this keeps them afloat, specifically.
They will not become healthy yet this does not prevent them from enjoying the life as it is and caring for other people. They are true superheroes whose will should be an inspiration for those who are deeply depressed yet have a chance to live further being healthy and competitive.

Cast Members

People whose lives are under depiction on this show are Isabel Bueso with Mucopolysaccharidosis VI, Claire Wineland who suffers from cystic fibrosis, Tough Mudder with leukemia, Kat Lazo who has stomach cancer, Jess Oldwyn with brain cancer, and Kendrick David Evans who has a hazardous form of sleep apnea.
All of them are active people from various corners of the country who perform their social tasks being founders and volunteers. They have a hope for a miracle, as it can take place even in the worst situation if you put a strong faith in it.
My Last Days Season 2 Spoiler

Strong Potential of Second Season Premiere

The motivational and inspiring direction of the series cannot but lead to the immediate revival for the subsequent installments, as there are much more materials in store for presenting. We should hope for the favorable verdict. The ratings of the show are another proof of the bright future of the docuseries with the viewership almost 0.5 million watchers per each new episode and a 0.2 rating.
So far, nothing is said of the resumption, as well as of the My Last Days season 2 release date. When can the new season air date be announced? The answer is next year due to the recent debut of the freshman season.


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