My Haunted House Season 5

The series is created for those who are serious about the existence of paranormal things. For others, it will just for amusement, nothing else. The verdict of the fifth installment is still to be rendered yet chances of the renewal are great. So do not worry about the future launch so far. Just stay tuned for updates!

Making Production Issues Clear

The series is a program of paranormal activities witnessed by people living in the haunted houses. With the release of the first season, we got six episodes airing on the Biography channel since May 2013. Currently, we have four chapters with the latest one having been fully released already in this past spring.
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As for the exact names of creators, they are Jim Casey, Patrick DeLuca, Brittany A. Little, and Nicole Reed, who form the team of executives. The companies behind the fabrication are Painless Productions and Twelve02 Television.

As for the Concept

Created for those who do not have skeptical feelings towards the possibility of the existence of the supernatural powers, My Haunted House features the supposedly true experiences of people living in houses invaded by the spirits of dead people.
By means of various re-enactments, special effects, and sound design, the audience turns to be terrified by the appearance of ghosts on screens. Everything comes to be proved only by words while interviewing the witnesses.
The drama is an integral part of this show. So, if you are not skeptical about all this, be prepared to get scared and feel strange emotions within while following this show.

Ratings and Reviews

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In general, according to the reviewers, the series is nice for watching it yet in the majority of cases, it is called nothing but a fake. Some people are even completely disappointed with the show being again irritated by the deception.
The show with the IMDb score constituting 7.4 points out of 10 is created, consequently, just for entertainment purposes though being declared to be based on true stories happened to people whose names have been changed in order to protect identities.
With all these disappointing news regarding the worthiness of the project, the series has created a lot of fuss around it. It seems like the goals have been reached, haven’t it?
How do you evaluate the program? Is it of high quality? Is entertainment the only one purpose of it? How do you think? Share your personal point-of-view with us commenting on these issues below the post!

No News Concerning Season 5

The series ratings are so far so good. The resumption can be near if the launch is scheduled for the next spring. Yet now nothing is known to us. What will the series future? There is no essence in answering this question until the debut is confirmed. Let’s just wait for the exposal of the My Haunted House season 5 release date. Follow us and you will get to know everything at first hand!


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