My Giant Life Season 2

A fresh portion of documentary multipart movies is going to be introduced to viewers of the TLC channel this summer. We mean here the project under the title “My Giant Life” that is aiming to hit programming list in less than a week being scheduled already for June 07, 2016.

Quick review of the new serial

My Giant Life Season 2 Poster
Premiering in the middle of July in the antecedent year, the serial “My Giant Life” is made as a documentary multipart TV show that is following the real lives of people.
The production of the serial was entrusted to the company “Workaholic Productions” the employees of which had been working on this project following the order of TLC.
Currently, we are in possession of only one installment that includes a considerably small amount of episodes specifically 5.

What are we here to follow specifically?

On describing the very essence of the show in one phrase, we should say that it is about the lives of ladies whose height is notably above-average.
And now penetrating into the concrete details of the show, let’s define the main heroine of the project. So they are four women: Haleigh from Huntington Beach, California; Lindsay from Los Angeles; and Nancy from Cypress, Texas; Coleen from San Diego.
My Giant Life Season 2 Promo
The thing is that their height constitutes more than 6 feet. The series turns to be thus about the everyday challenges that these charming ladies face in fact including at least the challenge of getting into a car or a house without having a head knocked. Their life cannot be called as an easy to task for completing, as they should get used to different things that fit average females but fail to match these tall women.
Though the society is not friendly to women of such a height, they are not aiming to give up considering themselves as true members of it who deserve better treatment both from the governmental and common people sides.

Penetrating into the lives of the central heroines

With the serial running in the previous year, we were following Nancy searching for a prom dress, Lindsay looking for her lost father, as she hasn’t heard anything of him since her 11 age, Colleen moving in to San Diego in search for love; and Haleigh thinking whether her boyfriend is aiming to propose.

Keeping following the news about the project

My Giant Life Season 2 Cast
Following the current posture of affairs, we are already knowledgeable whether the serial is going to return to screens. Moreover, the creator has exposed the exact launch date formally quite recently.
It is also known that the series is aiming to feature the lives of six women Katja and Lexie added to the cast. So this extension is likely to contribute to the ratings which are now also quite promising.
The My Giant Life season 2 release date is reckoned to be June 7. So there are only several days left before the premiere. If you turn to be the admirer of this show, we highly recommend to you to make a special note in order to keep this date in mind and not to miss the opening episode of the sophomore installment.


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