My Diet Is Better Than Yours Season 2

Have you ever tried working out and keeping to the regime consisting of a diet in order to lose weight? If yes, this show can become your great motivation to the future success in your goal to become slimier. As the serial has been released this year quite recently, we have no information concerning the launch date of the sophomore chapter as well as regarding the possibility of the resumption.

What should we know about the serial?

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My Diet Is Better Than Yours makes for a project by American production aired on ABC since the beginning of this particular year.
The opening of the serial was noted for an inspiring anticipation of common watchers. Now the fan base that the project has already garnered is composed of only one season that includes 8 episodes. Each episode lasts about one hour.

What is the essence of the show?

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The contestants of this show are a group consisting of five people. They are aiming to lose weight. By what means can they achieve their goal? The thing is that they turn to be trained by various celebrities following their advice and a developed workout plan together with a special diet.
Each trainer turns to apply its own methods of working out in order to bring the participant to headway.
What varies this given serial from others of the same theme depicted there is that the participants are living at home. So there is no camping and team activities.
If a supervisor doesn’t achieve the needed result, the contestant can be put into jeopardy to be compelled to leave the show.

Regarding the ratings

Though the serial is reckoned to be a newcomer, the ratings received through the run of the pioneer season are overwhelmingly impressive. And there is no wonder in such turn of events as the theme depicted in the project is considered to be very much popular among people no matter whether they have overweight or not. Such projects are highly relevant to the motivational movies that inspire people to change their lives for better. This is the very reason for the success of such series.
Of course, this very project is lacking in the usual drama unfolding among the participants of the weight loss game as they are not the inhabitants of the same camp. Here the individual approach is applied. Some people find it very disappointing but for the majority of watchers if to believe the real commentaries considers this inclination from the format very vivid and realistic. The main thing is that it encourages people that losing weight is possible even if you are staying at home.
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Renewal perspective

With the serial being so popular, there has been no word from the developers regarding the My Diet Is Better Than Yours season 2 release date. It comes to be also unknown unfortunately whether we can hope for the appearance of the following round of this exciting and motivational game. So we should arm ourselves with patience and wait for the news to come.


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