My Crazy Ex Season 4

Another extraordinary reality show with a lot of romance and touchy moments of true-to-life episodes of real people. Often these stories get mixed up with crime elements, which makes them extremely attractive. It was created in the USA and broadcast by LMN Channel. The first episode of My Crazy Ex was released on the 23rd of June 2014. It’s not planned to be cancelled enjoying nice ratings and stable viewership. It has passed through 3 seasons with 25 episodes in total and a special episode released on the 6th of July 2016. The special episode consisted of best segments that were not released in Season 1 and Season 2.

What is it about?

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That’s a reality project fully based on real stories. They are truthful stories based on lives of real people. It’s about love, romance and different complications connected with it. Those who participate in the show found their lucky love some time ago, but their love passed through times of misunderstandings and explosive arguments. The relationships get out of control making the couple find ways for escaping from each other in desperation. You’ll experience excessive behavior leading to real extremities. However, there’s always a way to change things for the better.
Every new hour-long episode of My Crazy Ex focuses on a twisted story that starts from the very beginning of the relationship slowly passing on to the bitter end. Some of the stories feel confusing and bizarre, while others turn out to be fatal.
The situations are very contrasting and long. In one of the episodes, a woman’s story starts from her sweet school years and magical romance with her classmate. Later, through the years, it ends up long after the graduation. The participants often get involved in passionate and unpredictable relationships and sticky situations with seductive men and women. Some of the situations end up in crimes, blackmailing and disgraceful cheating. Watch it yourself to see how it goes!
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It’s all about compulsive actions, obsession and compulsions. It’s about lies and manipulations. It’s romantic, hot and shocking at the same time.


Most part of the viewers and critics say that My Crazy Ex looks a bit too theatrical sometimes with a lot of soapiness sometimes going too far. However, it never spoils the entertaining element of the show – it’s sad, strange and funny at the same time.

Season 4 Release Date

My Crazy Ex is yet to be scheduled, cause the 3rd season hasn’t been finished yet. Stay tuned no to miss the premiere of the show in it’s 4th season! It’s extremely popular and ratings are promising.


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