My Cat from Hell Season 9

This year, we have been lucky to follow the eighth season of the project, particularly starting from April 2016 and ending in this past June. Now the ninth season probability is the immediate agenda. Will season 9 be launched in spring 2017?

Main Aspects as For This Show

This show is a useful program for those who start hating their pets having no desire to take care of them anymore. Well, the situation can be fixed according to Jackson Galaxy, no matter how difficult it is.
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The show is an integral line in the slate of Animal Planet. The reality show has already eight seasons under its belt with the latest one premiering in April 2016. Ten new episodes have been added to the series course. Herewith, this year, we cannot hope for enjoying a new cycle.

What Does the Story Deliver?

Cats are great companions for people. In which way, however, should they be treated in order to escape the bad sides of their characters? How to improve relationships between cats and their owners is the very specialization of the animal behaviorist named Jackson Galaxy.
Are you tired of destroyed furniture and belongings? Welcome to this show. Galaxy will teach how to treat the pets with such a delicate psyche.
Are you sure that this case is not within Jackson’s powers? You are wrong, in fact, as the host of the show holds the opinion that there is a certain approach to each cat.
First of all, the concrete reasons for the misbehavior of the pet should be found and then it is time for providing its guardians with exact ways how to fix all these crazy things. Everything is possible if to understand their signals, territorial needs, and requirements that are specific to each pet.
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Latest Events

The latest eighth season includes the most intense and furry cases. Two cats of a Brooklyn couple cannot stand each other. Why is it so? How to stop their constant fight? Jackson assures that this case is just as easy a pie for him.
The eighth episode turns to revolve around the cat that is not able to adapt to its rescue home though a foster family hopes that they will manage to adopt him finally. Well, Jackson is in a hurry to make their wish come true.

How is the Reception?

The series is one of the top-rated show on Animal Planet. The reviews are positive in the majority of cases since Jackson assist people in treating their dear pets in a right way.
The score on IMDb constituting 7.8 points out of 10 is another proof that the series is a prosperous one indeed.
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Will season 9 be launched ever?

It is easy to explain the growing potential of the series. The millions of pets’ owners are in search for answers how to calm down a furry cat or any other pet. Concrete techniques are shown here and much advice is given in lay terms.
As for the series future, it is not defined, yet chances are great and the resumption is the cards. There is no waiting for the My Cat from Hell season 9 release date so far until the end of winter 2017.


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