My Cat from Hell Season 8

Have you ever experienced the feeling of angriness towards you cat or any other pets? Have they started to play mean tricks on you?  Jackson Galaxy will lend you a helping hand if your answer is yes. The series is already revived so do not lose your chance to be assisted by him.

Some info about the show

Eyeworks USA and its executive producers Melinda Toporoff, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, Adam Kaloustian, and Chandrea Miller have been releasing the show with quite a unique idea in its core titled “My Cat from Hell”. Right from the title, it is not difficult to guess that the show is about the naughty pets specifically.
My Cat from Hell Season 8 Poster
The series is an integral current line in the programming list of the Animal Planet channel. The first season gladdened us back in 2011. And now the series is at its seven stage and is waiting for the release of the eighth installment. The first season includes only three episodes.

What is concept lying in the show?

The series host is named Jackson Galaxy. Though being a musician, he loves cats and other pets and his life is connected with teaching people how to treat them. His show is devoted to the reincarnation of good relationships between pets and their owners as they happen to lose that very connection and life is thus turned into hell.
So resolving conflicts and taking a pet under control are the very challenges with which Jackson is coping brilliantly each time no matter how difficult the case is.
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Jackson Galaxy is dead sure that he can assist any "problem cat". So the owners come to be taught by Jackson how to treat cats properly.

What happened in the latest chapter?

The latest season premiere was set in the previous April. The first part involved model Adrianne Curry and her boyfriend as they tried to coexist with her Siamese cat named in particular Billy Shears.
A case of constant attacks coming from a boyfriend’s cat towards a woman is also investigated and the decision is made to make them exist in one apartment. So cat and relationships turn to be saved. And this is only the beginning of the list of interesting stories depicted in the latest seventh season.

Following the news

My Cat from Hell Season 8 Cast
Celebrating the 20 anniversary of the channel, the network producers have made up their minds recently to renew some of their projects in an early announcement.
To this list of shows, My Cat from Hell has turned to be added. Therefore, we can expect now the future release of the eighth installment.
Though the series is not a hit number one on the channel, it delivers great results nevertheless. If to be more concrete, the current viewership of the TV show can be evaluated at more than 1 million watchers which is enough to keep producing it. Moreover, the critical response is more than simply positive. It is favorable indeed.
Surely, so far we cannot hope for the near appearance of the My Cat from Hell season 8 release date. But check back with us in order to get notified about any changes in the situation.


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