My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 3

The home channel for the fresh reality project titled “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”  has made an announcement in which the serial turns to be resumed for the following third season. So we will have a chance to watch another chapter about attempts of a woman with the strong will to lose her weight.

Some info about the reality projects on TLC

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life is reckoned to be a reality show that revolves around a woman from North Carolina who has made up her mind to lose weight. But the show is not only about this. But let’s turn to this question a bit later. The serial stars Whitney Way Thore, the main heroine of the show. She is a noted for her videos on the Internet titled generally “Fat Girl Dancing”.  The most recent season debuted on the home channel in the beginning of fall 2015.

What is the essence of the reality show about losing weight?

So the serial comes to be about a woman who is aiming to lose weight. But this turns to be not the only one idea of the project. The serial is full of psychological aspects that should be included in the program of loss of weight. One of these aspects is the perception of the fact that you can be happy and even if you are not in a good shape.
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The watchers of this serial are following the journey of the woman who is to become a dancer she used to be. Once she finds out that she is ill. She diagnose is a polycystic ovarian syndrome. After that, she has become fat gaining about 200 pounds. She feels depressed about her ugly appearance. But one day she makes up hre mind to get life into her own hands and shape her future on her won. She starts teaching women of the same great size to dance and to believe in themselves and in the fact that have a possibility to get rid of this cloying weight.

Some interesting info about the show rating

The serial has got unfortunately controversial reviews from critics as well as from common viewers. According to the opinions of people, Whitney is promoting the idea that fatness is something good. However, on the other side of the fence, a great number of people consider that the principal heroine is supporting overweighed people. These people should also feel that happiness in their hearts even if they are not as slim as other common people. They shouldn’t be ignored by society as they are made from the same flesh and blood. The society should on the contrary help then to get a motivation to lose their excessive weight.

When can we expect the launch of the upcoming chapter?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 3 Cast

Very recently, the channel titled TLC has made a number of renewals for various shows. One of these projects was this one. It was picked up as the ratings were considerably average. So the developers think that the project is quite promising in order to keep producing it. So there is no information now about the My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 3 release date as well as about other interesting details. So keep abreast of the situation together with us in order to get notified about the coming news straight from the horse’s mouth.


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