My 600-lb Life Season 5

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General Overview

It’s a reality TV project broadcast on TLC and Discovery Channel. Every episode is devoted to a person morbidly obese. Usually he or she starts the episode with the weigh of about 600 lbs. The show follows one year of life’s struggles to lose weight using diets and gastric surgery.  The airing of the show started on the 1st of February 2012. The fourth season started on the 6th of January 2016 and it’s still on.
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The Format, the Cast and the Participants

Follow everyday struggles of obese people willing to become healthier losing weight with the help of physicians and psychologists. After a year of losing weight, the filming continues for seven more years to demonstrate the results to the viewers.
These severely obese people have to deal with health problems, family issues and emotional hardships. Every wrong step taken will not only ruin the results, but also provoke life threatening circumstances.
The participants of the show:
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  • Melissa Morris
  • Younan Nowzaradan
  • Donald Shelton
  • Henry Foots
  • Ashley Randall
  • Gordon Bacon
  • Carol Bodenheimer
  • Kenneth Brumley
  • Michelle Burchett
  • Mike Dow
  • Randolph W. Evans
  • John F. Irwin
  • Stefan Kreuzer
  • Jamie Lottinger
  • Jose Madrigal
  • Rosie Medina
  • Chris Morris
  • Jonathan Nowzaradan
  • Barbara Robbins
  • Billy Robbins
  • Claudia Schackart
  • Dave Schackart
  • Sandy Stacey
  • Darlene Warner
  • Darlene Whitaker
  • Olivia Cruz
  • Penny Saeger
  • Chuck Turner
  • Nissa Turner
  • Zsalynn Whitworth
  • Joe Wexler

You can find before and after photosets on TLC official webpage if you’re interested in the fate of the participants of the project.
My 600-lb Life Season 5 Cast

Release Date Info

The fourth season of My 600-lb Life is being broadcast right now. The producers say nothing about the continuation of the show, but it’s extremely popular due to the emotional and psychological issues, so we’ll probably continue watching it next year. Share your news if you know more!


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