MTV Suspect Season 2

The show is an addition to the list of projects airing on the MTV channel. Created by the executive cast from Critical Content, MTV Suspect is hosted by Nev Schulman whom we know from Catfish. Tillett Wright is the co-host of the TV show.
The freshman season release date is February 24, 2016. It is so far the latest one in the history though the loyal followers are waiting for the second season premiere.

What does the Series Portray?

MTV Suspect Season 2 Poster
Are you a truth-seeker? If yes, this program is for you, as here people are coming in order to take their last chance to get to know what is happening to their family members, friends, and just significant persons.
What are these suspicions related to? They touch various aspects:

  • diseases,
  • involvements in criminal cases,
  • addictions,
  • deceptions.

Each episode of MTV Suspect features two separate real-life stories of suspicions that are taken under a scrupulous investigation completed by the hosts. The truth is revealed come rain or shine, as Schulman and Wright know their onions when it comes to becoming detectives.
The hosts of the show explore the facts, check the backgrounds of the people involved, and finish their research with presenting the truth that is so needed by the applicants of the show.

What is the Value of the Whole Project?

MTV Suspect Season 2 Spoiler
There is no questioning the fact that the series comes with its own positive value. What is this contribution? It is quite clear – the series helps people in transforming the relationships with their dear persons to more honest ones despite the scandalous exposal of unpleasant facts. It is better to share your secrets with you dear persons instead of concealing everything and hurt your people in such a way.
The series has a refreshing original theme for depiction yet has kept garnering average rating during the release of the freshman installment. The premiere episode appearance is noted for 0.55 million watchers. Then there was a slight decline in ranking, to 0.3 million viewership specifically. Is second season air date destined to be exposed in the future? When will the first new episode appear? How do you evaluate the chances of renewal? Share your thoughts in the comments below the post!

No Network Decision Yet

The developers are still to decide the fate of the project though it is high time to do this. When will the resumption be announced? Can we ever expect the MTV Suspect season 5 release date? Everything should be around the corner, as there still much material to be brought to life and the rating figures are healthy though being middling ones.
Stay tuned if you are hungry for more updates and we will keep you informed as soon as something is exposed.


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