Mountain Monsters Season 5

A documentary according to the genre, airing on the Destination America channel, Mountain Monsters features the investigations of the team called as the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, or shortly as AIMS.
These explorations related to undefined creatures appeared for the first time on screens in 2013. The fourth season release date is January 23, 2016. That is the latest cycle in the history of the project bowing out in April 2016 after the full release of 13 episodes yet the confirmation of the fifth season has already come off.
Mountain Monsters Season 5 Poster
The cast of producers includes:

  • Ken Charles,
  • Colt Straub,
  • Jay Blumke,
  • Duke Straub,
  • Royal Malley.

Following the Story

What are the unknown monsters that can come our way in the mountains? Certainly, you could have heard of Mothman, Wolfman, and Lizard Demon yet they are not the only ones. According to some witnesses, they really exist, as people have encountered them.
Fortunately, the show is not based on the solid belief that monsters exist. The task of the group is to define if they are real. Let’s name the immediate explorers. They are Buck, Trapper, Willy, Jeff, Huckleberry, and William serving as severe hunters.
By exploiting various modern methods, they investigate the Appalachian Mountain region, the well-known border between our world and other dimensions, much scrupulously.
Mountain Monsters Season 5 Cast

Current Viewership and Scores

For the reason of a rather controversial theme for depiction, the series can boast only average ratings. Thus, there is no wondering that the latest viewership involves 0.5 million people, quite decent in general and can be taken as a ground to continue developing the story.
On IMDb, the score equals only 4.9 out of 10 while on it is even higher – 7.6 out of 10. Though the series has no perfect scores, it is referred to one among the most beloved shows on Destination America.
What is your personal view of the situation? How do you evaluate the renewal potential? Share your opinions with us in the comments below while we would rather get you acknowledged of some news about the resumption and the Mountain Monsters season 5 release date.

Goings Forth

Without questioning the worthiness of the project, the developers have kept renewing it for next installments. This year, the situation is the same. When will a new episode of the fifth installment appear? The Mountain Monsters fifth season air date is yet to be announced. Yet now, it is a confirmed thing that the story will return to screens in spring 2017. Keep waiting for the new season premiere. Stay tuned with us!


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