Monica the Medium Season 3

One of the coolest reality projects slowly, but surely gaining popularity. This reality TV series was created in the USA and passed through 2 seasons with 20 episodes in total. The premiere of the show was on the 25th of August 2015. The star of the project is Monica Ten-Kate – a student from Pennsylvania. She looks like a typical student, but she’s got unique power to see dead people. The show was originally broadcast by ABC Family and then it was pushed to Freeform.

Monica Ten-Kate and her Show

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Monica Ten-Kate is an amazing young woman. She’s got an extraordinary gift. She’s a spirit medium and one of the stars from Freeform Channel (earlier was known as ABC Family channel). In the project, she uses her abilities to help other people connect with loved ones that passed away. Monica provides a sort of psychological healing for those who really need it.


Monica was born and brought up in Northern Virginia. She has always been a loner. A shy girl afraid of people around. She also had a unique sense of things most people can’t see. When she was fifteen, she started feeling empathy towards people surrounding her. Monica started noticing slightest changes in the emotional state of her friends, relative and even strangers. A bit later, she realized that The Spirit gave her a chance to see the symbols and signs.
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Monica entered college to get a PR/Communications degree. In time of her studies, her gift was becoming stronger and stronger. It was evident for her that the gift she had received was her devotion. It was her purpose in life and a real blessing.
Monica’s got immense natural energy. Something inside of her makes her a messenger for the ones from the Other Side of this world. She connects the two worlds together sharing her natural gift with those who actually need it. Monica’s sparkling personality is a true inspiration for those who have a gift and a cure for people of all ages. Watch this mysterious girl holding hands with those who’ll never have another chance to speak aloud.
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Release Date

Monica the Medium premiered in August 2015. It was prolonged for the second season in April 2016. The second season finished this summer and it’s a bit early to make any predictions about the future of the project. However, ratings prove it to be popular with stable viewership and positive reviews. Stay tuned no to miss the latest news! Also don’t forget about the official resources and social media.


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