Mock the Week Season 15

Being conscious of the upcoming announcement of the premiere date of the fifteenth part of serial under the title “Mock the Week”, we have recently received news becoming acknowledged with the very near day defined for debut. So it is reckoned to be already June 09, 2016.

Brief review of the long-running project

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Proving itself as a worthy project, the series referred to as Mock the Week has been running on the British channel called BBC Two since the previous year. The serial used to be also broadcast on the Dave channel. The game show has been gaining traction since its very opening in 2005. By the genre it’s reckoned to be a celebrity panel television game.
The serial comes to be developed by Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson well-known for their scrupulous work on the project under the title “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. They are also serve as executives cooperating with such personalities as Ewan Phillips and Ruth Wallace.
As for the production studios, we should mention here surely BBC Television by Angst Productions. As for now, we have 14 installment at disposal for a perfect viewing.

Introducing the very idea of the story

The stories presented by comedians in various improvising sketches are reckoned to be politically-oriented. Being led by Dara ? Briain, the show has got two crews consisting of three comedians on the panel. The humor is mainly of a satire type.
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The current panel turns to include Hugh Dennis and two guest panelists being on ? Briain’s right, and Andy Parsons with a couple of guest panelists on his left.

Addressing to the exact rating figures

The latest fourteenth series was brought to airing on BBC Two in the middle of June in the preceding year.
The first part of the hilarious competition followed such guests as Matt Forde, Katherine Ryan, James Acaster, and Josh Widdicombe.
The serial has garnered a reputation of a project being worth for viewing. This fact is beefed up by the steady amount of watchers per episode constituting about 3/5 million people as well as by mainly favorable reviews coming both from critics’ and common viewers’ sides.

Staying tuned

Mock the Week Season 15 Cast
Approximately the entire year, nothing has been heard of the fate of the serial before the announcement in the middle of the previous month was made officially by the creators. So being in the know of the current posture of affairs with the project under the title “Mock the Week” we are reaching the debut of the series 15 down the road.
The Mock the Week season 15 release date is exactly defined being June 9, 2016. So new episodes are going to unfold beginning already from the next Thursday on BBC Two. This year the serial is to reach the point of 150 episodes holding them behind the belt. As it is known, the host remain the same. The developers promise to present the most hilarious sketches in this season. So it seems like we are just compelled to watch this near installment.


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