Mobsteel Season 2

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General Overview

The first season of Mobsteel was first aired on the NBCSN channel. It’s an American TV project that appeared on TV screens in August 2015. The show features restoration of old retro cars. Skilled custom-car specialists and mechanics give new lives to vintage automotive boom vehicles.  The first car in the very first episode was a 1953 Packard. The one that was called “reserved for the elite of the elite”. The first airing attracted about a million viewers and became another hit among the entertainment TV projects.
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Plot, Cast and Crew Details

The episodes of this project feature Adam Genei (he’s the one who founded Mobsteel). The filming mostly take place in Mobsteel car shop. He’s not alone – he’s accompanied by a team of custom car specialists. One of the members of his team is his wife Pam Genei. For this show they pick out American relict retro cars and restore these vintage vehicles turning them into really cool projects.
The cast: Ron Coan, Adam Genei, Pam Genei, Doug Haynes and Steve Ryan. The producers of the project are Jennifer VanGaasbeek and Audrey Nichols.

Facts and More

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What is Mobsteel? It’s a car company that concentrates attention on the design and specific built-in features of retro cars that were extremely popular years ago. They manufacture aftermarket products and create unique vehicles on the base of classic American automobile industry. The company is situated in Detroit, Michigan. The finest vintage cars become up-to-date powerful street machines. The vehicles the company uses as base are a part of authentic American history. They are its soul and inspiration. They are filled with tears, sweat ad blood of the Americans’ families and friends as Adam says. Mobsteel gets these rarities to an absolutely new level.

Season 2 Release Date

The release date of the next season is unknown yet and NBCSN’s decision totally depends on the ratings and positive potential of the show. Don’t forget to subscribe to the updates or add comments below is you know anything about the renewal of Mobsteel.


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