Mine Hunters Season 2

What is Mine Hunters? It is a fresh portion of the documentary. The pioneer season release date is January 19, 2016. The National Geographic channel has arranged this distribution, specifically.
The studio from which the real-life story hails is RDF USA. The freshman installment is the latest one, as of today, with the verdict towards the future of the series being still to be rendered. It includes eight episodes with the volume of each one comprising one hour.

Following the Concept

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The TV show, that is a documentary at the same time, follows the attempts of the cast of professionals to find the most valuable gemstones. The spearhead of the whole expedition is the famous British gem hunter named Guy Clutterbuck.
You can be unaware of who he is, yet in this show, you will get to know him better, surely. Assembling a crew, they embark on a journey of searching. The journey will get them visit the whole range of places around the globe, especially the most remote and unexplored ones that can be the true sources of the small scale gem mines.
They are also set to work with local miners, as only they can know all features of the given territory and lead the team to success in their searching. Surely, they will share the profit with them in the case something is found after obtaining a permission to dig from the local authorities or landowners.
Guy is an experienced person in this field having explored the valuable innards of the Earth for three decades now. Each episode in the first season premiere is devoted to one certain gem including emeralds, sapphire, arctic rubies, and others. That is the true advantage of the show, surely.
Among the locations, we should list the following ones as:

  • Greenland,
  • Zambia,
  • Sri Lanka.

Mine Hunters Season 2 Spoiler
The cast includes such experts as Fred Schilplin, an American engineer, Australian miner Jimmy Dinnison, and our British hero named Guy who we have already mentioned.

What is the Response from the Audience?

The important issue concerns the feasibility of the series resumption now. Concluding from ratings, the revival is possible. They are decent indeed with the viewership constituting 0.4 million watchers throughout the whole course of the first run. Yet the Mine Hunters season 2 release date is not near in coming due to the absence of info regarding the future. The first new episode can appear next year if everything is good with the resumption.
We are left only to hope for the best outcome. Share you considerations concerning the possible second season air date in the comments below! When will the sophomore season premiere get a start, according to your opinion?


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