Milwaukee Blacksmith Season 2

Folk Crafts is an art, which is not often seen on television, especially in the genre of the series. But History Channel and its employees decided to fix it, when on August 23, 2016 introduced a completely new format of the program called Milwaukee Blacksmith. High ratings of the project confirm the popularity of the program among the audience, and with the completion of the first season many fans of this unusual show are concerned with one question: when will Milwaukee Blacksmith return for season 2? Release Date of this interesting project is yet to be announced, but its lovers hope that the renewed season two will return on the screens as soon as possible.

Creators and Producers

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The idea of the series belongs to Kent Knapp, a blacksmith by profession. He and his sons who in fact are the cast of Milwaukee Blacksmith developed the whole project turning it a popular program. The crew of executive producers helping in the show releasing includes:

  • Jim Pasquarella;
  • Mark Hickman;
  • Charlie DeBevoise.

The company responsible for the series production is NorthSouth Productions. The broadcasting is carried out on History Channel.
Since August 23, 2016 it has been presented ten episodes, and each new episode lasted about 20 minutes. The new season air date is still unknown.

Plot Review

Milwaukee Blacksmith Season 2 Spoiler
The essence of the project is the work of a professional blacksmith Kent Knapp, who, along with his four eldest sons (out of 6) is engaged in favorite business for the past many years. All the secrets of his work Kent borrowed from his ancestors, who were engaged in blacksmithing for a long time. Taking a decision to do a family business, Kent Knapp organized the work so that their production may not have any restrictions. Among the orders that come into the program, can be found both ordinary items like bicycle frames and real masterpieces of art with which the family also excels. Professional equipment, which is owned by the blacksmith, allows him and his sons to forget about some boundaries and extends the possibilities of the masters to the vast.
The first season premiere was accepted by the audience with great favor, and today the fans hope that the series will not change its format and all the next episodes will be characterized with the same interest.

Series Ratings and Expectations

The episode aired on August 23, 2016 was watched by 0.872 million viewers and its demo-rating was of 0.28. On a famous and respected website IMDB the series has a 7.2/10 score. Compared with many projects, this result is quite high, and the public believes that the coming season release date will be announced in the nearest future impatiently waiting for the continuation.


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