Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace Season 2

That’s an American comedy TV series starring created in collaboration with Million Dollar Extreme sketch comedy group. Released By Adult Swim.

Million Dollar Extreme

MDE is a sketch comedy group famous for their online projects, public pranks and anti-comedy videos. The cast includes Sam Hyde, Charls Carroll, and Nick Rochefort. Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace was created in 2016 and produced by the same comic sketch group. It’s a live comedy series ordered by Adult Swim Network. It mostly shares its satirical view on the political atmosphere of modern days.
Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace Season 2 Poster

World Peace

On the 7th of May 2015, there was an official announcement that MDE were planning to release their personalized live action show consisting of sketches lasting for 15 minutes. The show was planned to be released by Adult Swim Network Channel. The producers and the scriptwriters planned to set the sction of the show in a post-apocalyptic horrific world demonstrating hilarious and all together satirical attitude towards the current political situation in the country and in the world. Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace first season air date is the 5th of August 2016.

Viewers’ Attitude

Every new episode of Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace is considered to be awesome. Presented as comedy TV series it promises a deep view into horrible situation appearing in various types of governmental institutions.
Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace Season 2 Spoiler
Everything seen in the show looks outstanding and unfiltered. It’s very provoking due to numerous mysterious messages indirectly hidden in every new episode. The show is filled with witty jokes. It’s sometime hard to differentiate whether they are sarcastic, humorous or satiric. It looks like the participants of the project are trying to insult as many TV personalities as they can. But it never actually looks insulting – their artistic skills are used to demonstrate fake propaganda provoking that hypnotic humorous effect on the viewers.
The show is an excellent tragicomedy filled with joy, unity and perfect for people of all sexualities, political views and skin colors. Besides, the show will finally make you open your eyes on some real social troubles that seem to be invisible from the first sight.

Second Season Release Date

Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace is now in the state of production and the exact release date is yet to be scheduled. Those interested when the project will be released can subscribe to our updates for more news.


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