Mayday Season 17

The Mayday followers keep building suppositions regarding the future of their beloved docuseries on National Geographic. The long-running project is to suffer a decline in ratings, certainly. Is the situation so problematic so that the developers should cancel the story? Well, do not press the panic button. We will clarify everything for you now.

Basic Moments You Should be Aware of

Mayday Season 17 Promo
The program serves as an investigative docuseries streamed on National Geographic yet since autumn 2013. The show is pretty popular. Just imagine that the story is transmitted in 144 states all over the world and that it is translated into 26 languages. This is more than just impressive – it is breathtaking. So, do not even hesitate if you think of watching it for the first time. This story is worth following indeed.
The production of the docuseries is a usual challenge for Cineflix. The main person of the creative team is Andre? Barro. Meanwhile, Stephen Bogaert provides us with narration.
The series is composed of sixteen seasons. The latest opening is dated back to June 7, 2016. We are hoping for the debut of season 17 next year.

Following the Concept

The disasters taking a tragic place in the air are the main theme for depiction here on the show. There are various catastrophes recreated in the program including  bombings, crashes, hijackings, and other types of disasters.
How are these events recreated? In fact, the recreation is made in such a way that you feel involved in all those terrific moments and emotions of people who have been there.  Interviews are arranged with people from the aircraft industry, as well as with survivors and people who relate to the victims.
Alongside with the exploiting of CGI in order to display the external and internal views of the airplane, as well as by means of using cockpit voice recordings and reenactments, the full picture turn to emerge in front of our eyes on screens and our hearts skip a beat as we realize how tragic and terrific it is.

Reception Throughout the Course and Renewal Predictions

An emotional and insightful project keeps delivering decent ratings with a favorable acceptance from both the sides of critics and ordinary watchers. Among awards, we should mention a Gemini Award and a Canadian Screen Award for the best editing.
The docuseries is of a considerable social use, as we are taught not to stay indifferent to other peoples’ tragedies, as everything may happen to us at any moment.
With the imposing reconstructions proposed to us, the series is expected to appear on National Geographic from year to year, as unfortunately, there are still so many catastrophes that need to be investigated. Thus, despite the obvious slight decline in ratings, we are set to watch new episodes next year.
The Mayday season 17 release date cannot be near in coming as the latest debut has been held recently. Stay tuned for more updates on the show.


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