Maya and Marty Season 2

Have you already watched the freshman installment of the new brand show we are going to discuss now? If not, do not lose an opportunity to follow it. You won’t regret it, in any case. A certain portion of laughing will never do harm. The second installment is yet to be confirmed now. So, check back with us for the show updates.

Some Important Info

Maya and Marty is a new show on Global TV, the Canadian channel, and on American NBC. The premiere has been held in this May 2016 following the debut of the pilot episode in 2014. After the release of that pilot many changes have been made with the project in order to make it perfect. The developers have succeeded in this task, as the show is worth watching it indeed and many watchers understand this now following the show.
Maya and Marty Season 2 Poster
The hosts here are Maya Rudolph and Martin Short, the comedians to the backbone. The executive team is led by Lorne Michaels while the whole production is the issues for such companies as Broadway Video, 3 Arts Entertainment, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, and Universal Television.

Celebrity Guest Lineup

The list of stars is truly amazing and cannot but inspire us to watch the show now and in the future. So among celebrities, there are such names as Steve Martin, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria, Ben Stiller, Nathan Lane, Kate McKinnon, Tina Fey and Sean Hayes. This is the lineup only for the first three parts, thus it is only a half since the series includes six episodes now.

High Scores and Opinions of Watchers

The level of the favorable acceptance is impressive. The imposing viewership can only make the developers believe that they are on the right way. The premiere has gathered 6.2 million watchers in front of their TV sets while the rest of the episodes have kept garnering the viewership fluctuating between 4.6 and 5 million viewers.
Maya and Marty Season 2 Promo
The score on IMDb is not so high, offering only 6.5 points out of 10. Well, it is more than average but does not correspond to the level of viewership.
As for the opinions of watchers, they are divided into favorable and a bit negative. The latter ones are expressed by those who consider the show barely tolerable. Meanwhile, the rest of the audience is in love with the project appreciating its format and hosts.

Estimating the Renewal Potential

It is hard to make the certain forecasts regarding the show future now. The ratings are decent indeed and the possibility of the renewal is high. Both Maya Rudolph and Martin Short have expressed their mutual desire to keep taking part in the show in their recent interview. We may only wait for the appearance of the official data from the NBC channel, as for now. Nothing else is left for us, unfortunately.
Keep abreast of the situation together with us and you will be notified about any changes in the state of affairs with is the project. And now let us know whether you are waiting for the new installment and for the appearance of the Maya and Marty season 2 release date. What is your attitude towards this show?


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