Match Game Season 2

Another revival of the old show has become dear to the taste of the audience this year. Without any hesitations, the developers decide to keep continuing the shooting. Well, in summer 2017, we should expect the release of the sophomore installment.

Broadcast and Production Issues

This show game has a long history of about half a century. Having premiered yet in 1962, Match Game has been revived for several times by various channel. The latest resumption was possible due to the ABC channel. Alec Baldwin was chosen as a host and Steven French as a narrator.
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Well, this version of the panel game show comes as an agenda for this article. The idea of it has been developed by Scott St. John serving as an executive and produced by Triple Threat Productions.
The freshman season of the revived game includes 10 episodes and considered as a part of the fun block of the ABC channel broadcasted on Sunday. As for today, we have one season at disposal and the second one coming off next year.

Series Format

The shape of the program reflects the format that we had been following in the period of the 70s in the preceding century. Each episode includes two games with two contestants and a couple of question for each one.
There are also such levels as the Super Match and the Audience Match. In the first one, the winners of rounds fight among themselves. Moreover, the game is packed with many other twists and rules that make the program actually entertaining on Sunday when you need just stay home and relax.
The prizes are worth struggling for them, surely. Any cash won’t hurt anyone, at least. Among the regular panelists of the freshman installment, we should name Rosie O’Donnell and Tituss Burgess.
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Current Rating Numbers

The classic game with Alec Baldwin as the new host of the show has won the interest of the audience. Match Game has managed to draw the largest number of summer viewers for ABC since 2006 in its time slot, debuting with an audience of 6.7 million watchers and a 1.5 demo rating. Then, the slight decline by one million took place but this did not spoil the situation, as well as the average 5.6 points on IMDb.
As for the reviews, they are controversial with some people being satisfied with the fresh variant and others being disappointed with the revival.
How have you personally received the new version of the game show? Has it amazed you? What pros and cons can you mark out?

Recent Updates

The mixed reception has not influenced the verdict of the developers, as they have revived the new version of the show for a second installment. This is truly amazing and inspiring, for the previous reincarnations have been limited only to one freshman installment.
The debut is scheduled for the next summer 2017. It signified that we should not wait for the immediate exposal of the Match Game season 2 release date. It can become determined only getting closer to spring 2017. Nevertheless, stay tuned with us for possible updates regarding this show.


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