MasterChef UK Season 13

The British version of the international franchise keeps getting traction on the television in the UK, as there the interest in cooking is as great as in other countries. Herewith we are expecting the appearance of news regarding the reality show revival for season 13, as well as the announcement of the launch date.

Brief review

The franchise of MasterChef is known and beloved throughout the world. There various versions of it in different countries including the USA, the United Kingdom, Russia, and may others. However, today, we are set to have a talk about the British version of the set.
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Masterchef UK comes to be broadcasted on the BBC One channel since 1990. Can you actually imagine that the series is a veteran on the British television? More than two decades have passed since the first launch. There was a break, nevertheless, starting from 2001 and ending in 2005. But now, the project is again ready to present regular portions of tasty episodes to us with new participants and new ideas the developers are bringing to life each release.
The team of executives here is spearheaded by Franc Roddam. The narration is given by India Fischer. The fabrication company is Shine TV now. The latest twelfth season is composed 25 parts. Its premiere is dated back to March 2016.

Following a delicious idea for depiction

Find a person who is not in the know of this culinary game show. Maybe there will appear some who are not aware of the series idea. For them, we will make a summary of the series story.
Well, it is a competition where contestants are to test their theoretical foundations in practice. They are not professionals in this sphere thought all of them are united in their love for the process of cooking, of creating the real masterpieces.
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There are also judges in the show are set to kick off the weakest members of the game each episode in order to define the winner at the end of each season. They are Greg Wallace and John Torode as for today. Not only the dishes’ taste but also the presentation have value when the judges make their verdict. Thus, contestants should apply all their fantasy and skills in order to get the end of the season.

Viewership and chances of renewal

There is no doubting in the series popularity, as the franchise is one of the world leaders in the cooking genre of shows. Nevertheless, we are set to supply you with ratings of this given series.
According to the official resources, we are dealing with approximately 6 million watchers per episode. At least, this number was captured when the release of the pioneer episode of the latest season was held.
It seems to us that the resumption for the next installment is something inevitable. Nevertheless, it has not confirmed, as well as the MasterChef UK season 13 release date has not been revealed. Stay tuned and you will get informed about changes in the nick of time.


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