MasterChef: The Professionals Season 10

When talking about spin-offs, many viewers are aware that they do not always turn out to be successful. But this does not apply to the show MasterChef: The Professionals, which is precisely a spin-off of the world famous culinary project MasterChef. The series has been broadcasted on a popular TV channel BBC Two since 2008, and the current ninth season of the show is in full swing. But as far as everyone knows, most successful programs always get a sequel, and the main audience’s question concerning this British show is as follows: when will MasterChef: The Professionals season 10 debut? Release date of the following season premiere is still shrouded in mystery, but if the coming of the new episode is confirmed by the creators themselves, it is sure to be premiered in the next year.

Creators Crew

MasterChef: The Professionals Season 10 Promo
The latest season nine debuted on November 8, 2016. This part of the show includes 21 episodes each running up to 60 minutes.
The author of the idea and the script of the program is Franc Roddam. He is also one of executive producers of MasterChef: The Professionals and works in cooperation with such professionals as:

  • Carla-Maria Lawson;
  • Karen Ross;
  • Elizabeth Murdoch and others.

The judges of the project evaluating the participants’ cooking skills for all the period of broadcasting have been such respected personalities as:

  • Marcus Wareing;
  • Monica Galetti;
  • Michael Roux Jr.;
  • Gregg Wallace.

Since 2011 the narrator of the series is Sean Pertwee, a voice actor form England.
The company that is likely to present the tenth season release date is Shine Television; the channel which is sure to broadcast the next season start is BBC Two.
MasterChef: The Professionals Season 10 Cast

About the Show

This version of the British cooking project involves the competition among experienced cooks where one of them eliminates every week. This program format is known to the viewers who like the original version of the show. Among the trials that the cast face with are cooking for a large number of people, improvisation with specific products, the organization of a prestigious banquet and so on.
The renewed season ten is sure to continue telling about various cooks able to present real masterpieces of culinary.

Current Rating and Possible Continuation

The average number of the audience of the latest season nine is impressive: about 3.5 million viewers watched its premiere. A rating of 7.7/10 on IMDB is quite good, but a lot of fans believe that the series deserves even higher mark. The return of MasterChef: The Professionals is being awaited with impatience, so stay tuned not to miss the premiere of a new season and get the schedule and necessary information about when season air date is going to be presented.


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