MasterChef Season 8

To find a person who is not aware of this show is an ordeal. The culinary program became so popular that gave birth to spinoffs all over our globe. This time, we are set to deliver some info to you about the American version. This year, we have followed season 7 and wait for the next installment next year.

International Franchise

A competition show in its core, MasterChef is a famous franchise where admirers of cooking business are fighting for the status of the best chef. As of today, the agenda is the American version developed by Franc Roddam basing on the original British show. It is a product of the duo consisting of One Potato Two Potato and Endemol Shine North America.
MasterChef Season 8 Poster
The release of the first part was held in July 2010. Since then, we have followed seven seasons with the latest one premiering in June 2016.

Concept Summary

The concept of the series is much simple – twenty-four amateurs in culinary matters are competing for the title of the best chef in front of the professionals who serve as judges here. The panel of judges had consisted of Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot for the first five seasons. In chapter 6, Christina Tosi replaced Bastianich.
Among the star guests who have appeared in the latest installment, there are such restaurateurs as Edward Lee, Wolfgang Puck, Kevin Sbraga, Aar?n S?nchez, and Richard Blais. Each of them has different perspectives and priorities when evaluating the culinary skills of the show contestants.
In addition, as for offering some specifics on the course of competition. Each participant has a cooking station, a refrigerator, fully stocked pantry, and a dining seating area. They prepare dishes according to the set tasks. After that, the panel starts judging dishes. The main goal of a contestant is to receive two ‘yays’ in order to move on to the next level.
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The prize here is a mind-blowing sum of money constituting $250,000, a cookbook publishing deal, and, surely, the coveted Masterchef title. There is only one winner on the show chosen at the end of each season. Thus, the contestants are to make their best in order to get a victory.

Audience Feedback

At first, due to the format of the show being unfamiliar to watchers, the series had been garnering controversial opinions towards its worthiness. Nevertheless, afterward, the situation took a positive shape. As for now, the series viewership constitutes about 4 million people. The scores on various aggregator websites are also high. IMDb offers, for instance, 7.3 points out of 10.

Next Installment

There is no worrying now about the future of the project, as it is already a defined matter. The planned break in the release of season 7 was refilled with a casting promo for the next season of MasterChef. Thus, the next installment will come out without no doubts.
We are not under the illusion that the MasterChef season 8 release date can become exposed earlier than spring 2017.


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