MasterChef Canada Season 4

Cooking programs are the all-favorite kind of shows for women but here we are dealing not with a typical one. The thing is that MasterChef is nothing but a competition in its core. So watching this show you will not only get to know some interesting recipes but also enjoy the competitive atmosphere there full of suspense and risks for the participants to be kicked off.

Brief review

MasterChef Canada is surely a spin-off of the American MasterChef. This franchise has a large number of variants in different countries all over the world. By the genre, it is a TV show in the form of a competition where the admirers of cooking are struggling for the main prize.
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Now we have three full seasons for following them on online resources. But the premiering is always held at first on CTV, one of the most popular Canadian channels. The first opening was held on the channel at the start of 2014. The most recent chapter appeared in this past February. The team of judges is all the same including Claudio Aprile, Michael Bonacini, and Alvin Leung.
This cooking fight turns to be created by such executives as Guy O’ Sullivan (Come Dine with Me Canada), Cathie James (Presumed Dead), and Elisabeth Murdoch (MasterChef Junior, The Face).

What is the idea?

If you are acquainted with the eponymous American project, you should be aware of the very essence of the show. If you are not, let’s us clarify the picture. So the very idea of the series lies in the competition held among unprofessional cookers who are anxious to become professionals. They don’t have much experience in this sphere but are already not the newbies.
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Under the guide of certain judges who know their onions in the cooking sphere, they are to accomplish various levels and tasks that are often very difficult for them.  Each episode after the range of tasks, the weakest member is eliminated. So by the end of the season, there are only some of them fighting for the title of the only one winner.

Feedback and ratings

The ratings are much impressive and the show is thus one of the most favorite among female as well as male viewers as the participants of the show are not only women. A lot of men a willing to take part in this cooking competition.
The series though being relatively young consisting of only three chapters has already won some awards and got some nominations including the Canadian Screen Awards.
MasterChef Canada Season 4 Cast
The second installment became the most popular program during the 2015 season of broadcasting.

Possibility of the revival

Taking into account all above-said about ratings, we cannot but conclude that the story is much worth its further development as Canadians are also willing to participate in such kind of shows in order to be given a special chance to get a career of the professional chef of a restaurant. Why shouldn’t they be given such a magnificent chance? But the MasterChef Canada season 4 release date remains so far unknown. So be in the swim.


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