MasterChef Australia Season 9

The Australian version of the international culinary competition keeps getting traction on TV and the developers do not hesitate when it comes down to deciding the fate of the project. Season 9 will appear next year come rain or shine!

About the International Franchise in Brief

There is no doubting that the given culinary competition is a part of the international franchise that hails from the original British MasterChef series.
MasterChef Australia Season 9 Poster
Here the judges are renowned restaurateur Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris, and notable food critic Matt Preston. The first premiere of this spinoff is dated back to April 27, 2009. The debut has been always held on Network Ten airing in Australia. This year, we have seen the broadcast of the eighth season, in May particularly.

Following the Concept

Well, it is a culinary competition in its core where the drama and suspense are the integral parts of the narration. Though it is a part of the famous international franchise, there is a slight shift from the original format. What is the difference?
Each season starts with an open casting where hopefuls from across Australia present their signature dishes to be considered one of the 50 semi-finalists.
Those chosen keep competing facing various challenges in the kitchen. Then only a group of 20 stays for the rest time of the show struggling for a chance to win A$250,000 cash prize.

Current Rating Figures

In the latest installment, we have been lucky to meet such world’s top chefs on our screens as Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal, Maggie Beer, and Kylie Kwong. Inviting such culinary stars, the developers of the project make the series maintain the same healthy level of viewership.
In its time-slot, it remains the most watched series in Australia with 1.5 million people per episode on average. Taking all this into consideration, we should say that the series proves that it is a worthy program with the release of each season and we cannot but be certain that season 9 will be launched next year.
MasterChef Australia Season 9 Promo

As for the News

Our good expectations have been satisfied in May 2016. We have received the official announcement that the show will be launched for the ninth time much to the luck of all us, the loyal followers of the program.
The filming of the new chapter has been already started this autumn. It is expected that it will be finished in spring 2017 when the chapter is going to appear, supposedly, if taking into account the previous releases at the close of spring.
MasterChef Australia season 9 release date is not near in coming in any case. We may expect it moving closer to the end of the upcoming winter. Just stay tuned for more updates in order to be notified in time.
What are your impressions from the eighth installment? Have you been satisfied or a bit bored? Have you opened something new for yourself in the cooking or not? Let us know by means of leaving comments below!


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