Master P`s Family Empire Season 2

Though ratings of Master P’s Family Empire are high as for the first release, we have not data regarding the fate of the program. Let’s keep our chins up, as it can be just the delay, nothing else. Stay tuned with us for updates.

Brief Review

What does the show present in itself? It is a new reality show on American television. Asylum Entertainment is the company behind the production. The first season has been given a fall start in November 2015. Since then, we have heard nothing related to the series future. What should we expect from such unfolding of events? The Reelz network producers are tight-lipped about the second chapter and we are left in the cold having to wait for the official news.

What is the Concept?

What is the real name for Master P? Who is he? Well, let’s discuss everything step by step. His real name is Percy Robert Miller. He is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, filmmaker, record producer, philanthropist. Moreover, this list can be continued further, as he has achieved success in various spheres of life.
One of his roles is social. This is the exact theme for portrayal in this reality show. The cameras are set in his home in order to follow his everyday home life with his charming five children. He is a single father. All his children are of different ages starting from 10 and ending in 26. Being a father is the most responsible job that needs much experience and attention. Cymphonique is his only daughter. The names of boys are Hercy, Mercy, Romeo, and Veno.
He is a strict parent yet his children are provided with much support and care. They are a close-knit family together. They spend their time with much fun in the majority of cases yet severe punishments happen sometimes, as the process of upbringing cannot run without it.

Audience Reception

The series has proved to be a true flagship on Reelz. It was the network’s #1 original series both in total and 18-49 audiences. The viewership was increased from episode to episode.
Master P's Family Empire Season 2 Promo
The rating on IMDb is not so high yet more than average – 6.5 points out of 10. This can make us conclude that the series is destined to become a settler on American television. Yet nothing of sort, unfortunately. What is the series future? Has it been confirmed already or not yet?

Will there be Cancellation?

The state of affairs with this project leaves much to be desired, as the developers have not revealed the info about the second installment. What can we expect? What are predictions and chances of renewal?
We have an issue for worrying about now, for the time for supposed launch of the sophomore cycle is already near – it is the next month. The chances are high indeed. Thus, we have all reasons to suppose that the Master P’s Family Empire season 2 release date should be revealed in the near future. The delay in the release will be in any case but we hope that it will take place ever since the project is a worthy one. What is your personal attitude towards the project? Is it dear to your taste? What can you say? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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