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Mary Mary is a TV series created in the USA. The premiere episode was released on the 29th of March, 2012. Was released by WE tv. It was later renewed for several more seasons and the last one concluded was the fifth one. The show centers on two sisters – Erica and Tina Campbell. They are musicians in search of the balance between personal and professional lives.

Basic Info

Erica and Tina form a famous duo called Mary Mary. They are extremely busy constantly traveling around the country promoting their new songs and albums. They are often seen at Hollywood red carpets. Music is more than just a simple profession for them – it’s a devotion, a part of their family’s history and a successful family business. Warryn, Erica’s husband is also into it. He deals with producing affaires of the duo. Teddy, Tina’s husband, is a drummer. Erica and Warryn experience a number of troubles and complications while combining their intense career with family issues and kids. Tina and Teddy are a blended family. Besides, these talented women have seven more siblings that also participate in development of this business. Erica and Tina’ parents are separated at present.
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About Erica Campbell

She’s definitely fearless. Her creative spirit sends uplifting message through all of the songs and music performed. She’s sure that music is the universal thing that can get to the bottom of hearts of both kids and adults. Making music for her is a true magic. Together with her sister, she got three Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, and a numerous nominations for the duo’s 6th album. Mary Mary got to the top of the charts with SOMETHING BIG album.
Erica is a caring wife. She has spent 11 marvelous years happily married to Warryn. Together they are raising three wonderful kids: Krista Nicole, Warryn III and Ms. Zaya Monique. This couple is a lot more than talented musicians – they are loving parents and beautiful personalities.

About Tina Campbell

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Call her unstoppable. She’s the one who keeps the dynamic of the duo going. She always says that their Mary Mary duo is driven by a lot more than just musical achievements and awards. She says that their guiding light brightens their way and helps them stay strong no matter what. It helps to support the connection with people giving them hope and changing their lives.
Just like Erica, Tina realizes that home life and family life are the most important values. She’s fond of her husband Teddy sharing tons of love and affection with him. Teddy plays the drums in Ricky Minor Band and his wife is his biggest fan for sure! Together they’re raising 5 beautiful kids: Cierra, Laiah Simone, Meelah Jane, Glendon Theodore, and Santana.

Release Date

The third season started on the 27th of February 2014. Mary Mary was renewed for season 4 that started on the 5th of March 2015. On the 22nd of January WEtv announced that the show is getting back for the fifth season it started in March this year and has already come to an end. There’s no official info about season 6, but we’re constantly monitoring the news on the renewal of different TV shows and projects. Stay tuned and subscribe for the updates not to miss the premiere!


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