Married at First Sight: The First Year Season 3

Can you imagine yourself getting married without even being acquainted with your future life partner relying only on the conclusion made by psychologists and social experts? If yes, you are as brave as the participants of the show under the name “Married at First Sight: The First Year”. The serial has been broadcast in the form of two seasons and is expected to appear in the shape of the third one.

Brief review

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Making for the reality show broadcast on the FYI channel, the serial referred to as “Married at First Sight: The First Year” rests on the Danish eponymous serial. The story features the on-goings in lives of three pairs after they have decided to get married without seeing their partners before this important event.
The premiere of the serial was held as far back as in the middle of summer 2014. Currently, the watchers are in possession of two entire seasons and feel anticipated about the appearance of the third one that is by the way up in the air.

What is the essence of the show?

The six members of this show have made up their mind to try their fortune and create their family in a very unusual way. The thing is that they are not searching for their second half for themselves. A team of experienced professional in such fields as psychology, sociology, and sexology is aiming to find the best one that fit them among the participants of the show thus creating in such a way the so-called puzzle.
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The settled pairs get married and then the most interesting part of the show comes to be given an exciting start. The experts embarks on following the life of these couples documenting their mundane routine events from day to day.
After a number of weeks has passed, the pairs are rightful to decide whether they are willing to stay together or go their separate ways.
During the release of the pioneer season two of the three couples remained together and set a wish to reprise their real life roles in the second chapter.

Problems unleashed during the first year of the coupledom

There is no surprising that the first year of coupledom is the most hazardous in fact. The difficulty comprises various problems appearing in front of the newly married couple. As for example, getting acquainted with the relatives of the partner, prospects of bringing up kids, choosing a place for living. But the central issue is getting to know each other. It sounds like being really difficult. But this social experiment is proving the fact that headway of a certain marriage hinges on the suitability of partners in terms of psychological characteristics.
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Regarding possible renewal

With the successful release of two installments, the serial is still waiting for the verdict that should be carried by the developers of the show. Obviously, there is also no confirmation of the Married at First Sight: The First Year season 3 release date. So we should be ready to obtain formal news in the near future as summer, the traditional period for launching this particular serial, is about to come.


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