Married at First Sight Season 4

Are you courageous enough to marry a person whom you are to see only on your wedding day? The participants of the show under the title “Married at First Sight” are ready to face this challenge. The serial is by the way renewed for the fourth chapter. So the fans of the show will be lucky to watch new installments in the near future.

Some basic aspects of the reality project

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The experimental TV show is pursuing to find the suitable couples consisting of a man and a woman basing on psychological characteristics of people. This serial is put to airing simultaneously on two channels specifically on FYI and A&E. The serial is reckoned to be a variant for the Danish show with practically the same format and idea in its core.
Being composed already of three installments, the serial got its latest continuation in the beginning of this past winter.

A great opportunity to find a true loving half of your heart

A team of experts in different fields which goal is the investigation of the human soul embarks on creating perfect matches from people who are reckoned to absolute strangers to each other. These experts are a sexologist, a psychologist, a sociologist and a spiritual advisor.
The main condition for creating these couples, these future bases for the solid social units is that the choice should not be influenced by appearances. This particularly means that the members of the show are not to see each other before their wedding day. In such a way, the show is proving the fact that the external look is not very much important for creating love.
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After their wedding, the participants of this exciting experiment are given an opportunity to build their relationships. If they fail, they can get divorced. As statistics says, the method applied by experts is really working. Within the run of three seasons, only one pair has turned to be a failure.
The blind marriage was set in New York. The third part of the show was shot particularly in Atlanta.

What can be said about the popularity of this show?

The TV show found obviously its viewership as there is a large number of people who are fond of penetrating into the real life of others. Especially, this serial presents a great interest for singles as they are receiving some guides concerning how to find a perfect match.
Currently, we are speaking about the viewership consisting of approximately 1.5 million watchers. We should confess that it enough indeed to create sequential installments.
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When can we expect the emergence of the fourth season?

According to information obtaining at the beginning of this spring, the serial has received another opportunity this time in the shape of the fourth season. This upcoming time, the singles are expected to hail from the area of Miami.
So far there is no information at hand concerning the Married at First Sight season 4 release date, so it is important now to keep abreast of new installment coming straight from the horse’s mouth.


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