Mariah`s World Season 2

Mariah’s World is a new show on the E! channel enlarging on the routine life of the star named Mariah Carey. The first installment appeared in December 2016 composed of 45-minute episodes. Mariah’s World season 2 release date is an object of a far-off statement, consequently. Even the resumption has not been confirmed yet.
The creative cast involved in fabrication is Gil Goldshein, Jeff Jenkins, Farnaz Farjam, Stella Bulochnikov, and Mariah Carey herself. Bunim/Murray Productions and Magic Carpet Productions are companies from which the story comes.

Getting Closer to the Concept

Mariah's World Season 2 Poster
The series about celebrities are not a rare case, indeed. They are supposed to be a kind of a marketing vehicle. As for the case under discussion for today, it is created to feature Carey’s The Sweet Sweet Fantasy European tour. As another theme for description, her preparations for marriage appear.
Mariah Carey is one of the top recording artists in the world. There is no doubting in this fact. People surrounding her are also engaged into the reality story.

Average Feedback

As Mariah Carey is a highly popular singing star, the project might have been expected to be a hit as well. With all those millions fan base, the celebrity has not received many good opinions towards this project. To prove this, it is enough to mention the score on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes – 5.6 out of 10 and 44% respectively. As for audiences, they are decent with 1.2 million during the opening and 0.8 million watchers per each new episode.
Mariah's World Season 2 Spoiler
As Carey once said, this show was created to let her fans in on what her life is and what kind of person she is. This goal seems to be achieved, in any way, does not it? What do you think about this series? Let us know in comments!

Does the Series Have Future?

And when will the new season release date be exposed? Is it ever to be revealed? Answering these questions seems impossible, actually, due to the average situation with rating figures and mixed reviews. The obscurity is much connected to the fact that the first season premiere was related to the start of the singer’s tour.
In any case, we should wait for the official renewal announcement and the exposal of the new season air date. There is no other way out, unfortunately. Follow us to be in the swim!


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