MADtv Season 16

There are not so many cult series in the world, which have become a legend. Some of the shows have been broadcasted for more than several decades and have become a real symbol of the genre of the series. One of such projects is an American product “MADtv” which has been broadcasted for more than 20 years and managed to win the audience’s love. By now it has been introduced 15 seasons and all the fans of the project are looking forward to its return and the coming of new episodes. The latest season ended recently, but the audience is already attacking the creators asking them a single question: when will “MADtv” season 16 premiere? Release Date of the new episode is still unknown, but according to the ratings and fame of the show among the public it is sure to be presented rather soon.

Series Creators

MADtv Season 16 Poster
Season 15 was aired on July 26, 2016. It’s interesting that the base of the project which started in 1995 is inspired by a famous American Mad magazine. The number of episodes of the latest seasons is 8, and running time of each episode is from 40 to 48 minutes.
The creators of the show are William Gaines (the founder of the series idea), Adam Small and Fax Bahr. Executive producers of the program are Mark Teitelbaum, David E. Salzman and John Montgomery. The original network releasing the series was the outstanding FOX, but since 2016 “MADtv” has been broadcasted on The CW channel.

Cast and Brief Review

The bases of the program’s plot are cartoon shorts, sketches and musical performances made in a comic way. The ideas used by the actors are absolutely different; they reflect various situations and for the past 21 years their number has become really impressive.
The new season premiere is supposed to present both new participants and those who have been acting in “MADtv” for many years. Among the most famous characters beloved by the public are:

  • Chelsea Davison;
  • Carlie Craig;
  • Amir K.;
  • Piotr Michael;
  • Lyric Lewis;
  • Michelle Ortiz;
  • Jeremy D. Howard and others.

MADtv Season 16 Cast
Some of these characters are well-known by the audience for their perfect acting and a sparkling sense of humor, and all these features of the series are to sure to be presented in the next renewed stories when season sixteen is released.

Viewers’ Feedbacks and Renewal Potential

The update of a famous sketch show is a rather logical authors’ decision, because the series ratings do not become smaller and both viewers’ and critics’ feedbacks have always been positive. Such a long time on television is the main indicator of the audience’s love. A 20-year anniversary of the project in 2016 had a great popularity: the number of viewers of that season release date was around 1.7 million viewers, which quite is a lot. The creators haven’t announced the new season air date yet but it is believed to be presented in the nearest future.


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