Love Thy Sister Season 2

Without any revival confirmation, the series “Love Thy Sister” is now on the verge of cancellation after the debut in the previous January. So what should we expect from the creative team? It seems like unfair to hold all of us in such a long-term suspense.

Highlighting main aspects of the project

We tv is an American channel famous for its amount of reality shows. One of the freshest ones is reckoned to be Love Thy Sister. Aired since January 2015, the series is the brainchild of the creators of the famous reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Project Runway. The immediate spearhead and inspirer of the project are one person named Datari Turner.
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Currently, we are in possession of only one full-fledged season including six parts of it.

What does it mean to be a sister?

The main heroines for depiction here are named Ruby, Ellen, and Ione. They are the members of the illustrious family named the Ruckers that lives in Carolina. They are African Americans. Their life is glamorous enough. But popularity and richness are not the guarantees to be deprived of the possibility to face various life challenges and problems.
The essence of the problems lies in the majority of cases in difficulties connected with building up their personal lives in spite of the supposition that their sexy and very charming appearance should lead them to have a happy life.
The theme of sisterhood is the main one here. Though being sometimes unable to bear each other, their sisterhood feelings are clear as day.

So these funny girls are always involved in various parties on which we can find the variety of American celebrities. The show is also portraying their routine everyday life apart from those moments that include entertaining and amusement on public.
Ruby Rucker is specifically a lawyer in her past life and also the eldest sister. She is married to a wealthy orthodontist who has his own practice in several places including the Charlotte area, Ford Sawyer Cooper.
Ellen Rucker Carter is the middle sister who is divorced now with NBA star Vince Carter. She has now relationships with a South Carolina politician Bakari Sellers.
Ione Rucker is the junior one in the family. She has separated from the former NBA player and now is anxious to become an independent person.

On receipt of the news

Love Thy Sister Season 2 Cast
Though the series ratings being average and thus enough to continue its development, the series is now on the edge of cancellation as the creators have been tight-lipped about the renewal issues since the final episode appearance.
Though we should not hang down our heads so far, we must be down to earth as the presumed timeframe of the second installment launch is already gone and there is no info about the resumption and surely regarding the Love Thy Sister season 2 release date. Is this project now counted as unworthy by its developers? Or are there some other reasons for shifting the second premiere?
No matter what twist in events we are about to face, we should wait for the official renewal or cancellation of the reality story.


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