Love, Lust or Run Season 3

This series is produced both in the USA and in the UK. That’s a reality TV series that was originally released on TLC Cable Network. The first episode was released on the 30th of January 2014. The star of the series is Stacey London – a talented fashion consultant. In the UK Love, Lust or Run is released by MTV Channel from May of 2016. In the USA the show has passed through 2 seasons with 24 episodes in total. What about the third one?

The Format

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In each episode of Love, Lust or Run, Stacy London, the host of the show (read further for the bio) meets a woman with a unique personal style, that is not always appropriate and harmonic, matching neither with her age nor with her way of life and physical appearance. Stacy manages to change the way of thinking of women making them finally wear suitable clothing and look in accordance with their inner world. Each woman participating in the project is forced to get rid of their clothing, hair extensions and makeup. Every episode gets to a dramatic point when Stacy shares the Londoners’ opinion on the participants of the project. The opinions are frank and often quite harsh. Then the same is done after the transformation.
The aim is to fins natural beauty in each of the outrageous participants. Get some before and after pictures on the official TLC resource to get how powerful Stacy can be. Besides, the show is full of useful tips for women of all ages.
This project also runs on British TV. It’s entitled Snog, Marry, Avoid.

Stacy London

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Stacy London was born on the 25th of May 1969. She is a consultant in style in fashion. She’s also the author of a number of fashion articles and works as a magazine editor. She co-hosted What Not to Wear – that was the first TV project that brought her popularity. It was a reality project featuring makeovers in wardrobe and appearance.
She graduated from Vassar College in London and got job in Vogue magazine, which was a perfect start for her career. In a short period of time she became a stylist for celebrities. Soon she started her career on television with What Not to Wear TV project. She hosted it together with Clinton Kelly. From 2009 till 2010 she worked in collaboration with Pantene, Dr. Scholl’s, and Riders by Lee. Also she became a co-owner of Style for Hire.
Stacy’s got a marvelous ability to find contact with challenged women. She helps them develop their personal sense for fashion and style. Love, Lust or Run producers decided to put Stacy’s skills to the test.

Release Date

Right after the first season the show was prolonged for 26 episodes more. However, the release date of season 3 is yet to be scheduled.


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