Love It or List It Season 14

Love It or List It is reality TV series devoted to home design initially created and released in Canada. The release was carried out by HGTV channel in the USA with the first season release date on the 8th of September 2008. The show is also aired by W Network, and by OWN Canada. That’s the first project in the franchise with the same title. The production matters are carried out by Big Coat Productions. The filming was mostly carried out in Toronto and Ontario areas in Canada. In September of 2014, the filming moved to North Carolina in the USA. Love It or List It season 14 release date is unknown yet.


Love It or List It Season 14 Release Date
The main participants of every new episode of Love It or List It TV series is a family or a couple willing to either renovate their home (love it) or sell it in order to get a new one (list it). The main members of the cast are Hilary Farr and David Visentin. Hilary deals with renovation and design matters doing her best to make the participants chose the renovated home. David is the one dealing with finding and buying and acceptable home.
The beginning of every new episode is devoted to an overall look at the family of the participants. The viewers get some informative details about their lives, their dwellings and their problems and desires about the new home. At first, a family or a couple presents their dwelling to Hilary listing the changes they’re willing to have. Then they communicate with David helping them find a new home corresponding to their desires and financial possibilities.
Love It or List It Season 14 Release Date
At first, Hilary tries to satisfy the requirements of the clients by doing her renovation works in their home. Then, David presents various homes for sale also taking care of his clients’ desires. The homeowners have to decide what they’re willing to do. The things get worse when one member of the couple votes for the renovation and the other member of the couple is willing to move. That’s the point where real drama begins, however, it doesn’t happen that often.

14th Season Air Date

There’s no reliable information on the release date of the 14th season of Love It or List It, but we still keep track of the latest news on the channel. Track it with us and don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest updates first. Don’t forget to share your opinion on Love It or List It in the comments section down below. Don’t forget, that if you subscribe you will be notified about any possible changes in the schedule of HGTV.


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