Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 7

This article is devoted to the long-running reality show aired on VH1 and that is reckoned to be a popular one. The renewal for the seventh installment has not been so far confirmed but we are waiting for the announcement coming at any moment now.

General description

The series under discussion now is already an integral part of the programming list of the American channel entitled VH1. If to look at the title, we are quick in guessing that this given series is just a part of the Love & Hip Hop franchise which action is set particularly in New York. Additionally, it is reckoned to be the longest-running part of the franchise.
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The series production is the immediate result of the collaboration of two companies – Monami Entertainment and Eastern TV. The team of executives is composed of Brad Abramson, Danielle Gelfand, Mona Scott-Young and Shelly Tatro.
The release of the first episodes had been held in 2011 while the latest one premiered in the previous December.

As far as the concept is concerned

The concept of the show lies in narrating about a crew of fierce, ambitious and talented women who are reckoned to be the residents of The Big Apple. They career perspectives are great being related to the world of the hip-hop music.

How was the series received?

Embarking on describing the ratings, we are likes to follow the latest and freshest info. So after the release of the sixth installment, we are dealing with the average number of viewership comprising about 3 million watchers. The highest peak in ranking was achieved after the launch of the final episode – 3.5 million people.
Comparing this info with those data obtained after the previous releases, we should conclude that the series is getting traction with this amount growing constantly from episode to episode.
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As far as the reviews are concerned, the situation is not so inspiring for the developers here. They are controversial but the creators seem not to worry much about it since it is always about reality shows to consider them not be worthy enough.
The thing is that in the majority of cases, the reality shows are created just for amusement and entertainment and we are not taking into account docu-series here – it is another more insightful type.
This one is not an exception. The loyal followers become addicted to the main characters of the project and you can do nothing with that. In such way, we can explain the high level of viewership against the background of mixed reviews from critics.

When can we expect the following release?

As for in the latest info, we are unaware of any changes in the situation with the project as the series fate is so far undefined. Nevertheless, we are hoping for the better news to come off finally in the future.
We are not under the illusion that the Love & Hip Hop: New York season 7 release date will get determined very soon but stay tuned in the case of the early resumption.


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