Love at First Swipe Season 2

TV shows are one of the most popular projects. They are mostly entertaining with a set of attractive and enigmatic participants sharing their emotions in unpredictable and sometime confusing situations. Love at First Swipe is about people searching for romantic relationships and willing to get a perfect match while swiping the profiles of people on dating web resources. They do the search through their online profiles in the Net. The project premiered on the 2nd of October 2015 on TLC. The rating is quite positive.

What is this All About?

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Online profiles are not new for those who got used to regular dating with people or simply to making new acquaintances and friendships. They are now as important as meeting someone personally. Every dater swipes hundreds of pages a day in order to finally find a true love and a faithful life companion.
Some people are quite good at it, able to find descent people with sincere intentions. They easily get their perfect match in the world of millions of online profiles. However, some people manage to make terrible choices. These choices are often hurtful. Sad experiences make them stop the search in complete desperation.
The hosts of the show do their best to teach the women in the Net find a perfect match. They show how to identify a personality of an unknown person, pay attention to the way the photos are made and the status chosen. The participants of the project learn the advice of psychologists and other specialists.
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The Hosts

Clinton Kelly and Devyn Simone are the ones who help the daters not to get lost in the heap of strangers’ profiles. In every episode, they make rational judgments about photos and statuses in the profiles of daters helping women to become a match for certain men willing to date. Clinton and Devyn transform women’s appearance and create sensible profiles that will actually work.
Clinton takes care of women’s personal looks – he gives his advice on how to dress, to use make up and change the style into something more appropriate.
Devyn works on the next step of transformation. She gives women the tutorials on how to deal with profiles and what is worth paying attention to in them. The women test their new appearance and their improved profiles enjoying hundreds of views and potential matches.
Love at First Swipe Season 2 Cast
This project will demonstrate the development starting from an online mess to sensible and stylish dating. You’ll see how women get renewed becoming more and more confident ready to finally conquer the world of online dating.

Release Date Info

TLC made no official announcement about the renewal of the project. If you’ve got something to share about that, do this in the comments under this post.


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