Love at First Kiss Season 2

Due to the fact that more and more people are experiencing difficulties with acquaintances in real life many people prefer loneliness. Life on the Internet finally won the hearts. Many young men and women simply refuse to look for friends preferring to spend most of their time on social networks. American authors decided to correct the problem and change the likes for real love, presenting to the viewers around the world new and unusual show “Love at First Kiss”. By today it has been presented one season of this project and the main issue which bothers many viewers – will “Love at First Kiss” come back for season 2? Release Date of the program is yet to be announced but the public hope for the new season air date to be presented as soon as possible.

Plot Peculiarities

Love at First Kiss Season 2 Cast
The plot of “Love at First Kiss” is quite unusual and non-standard. The project has no analogues on television. Its cast is ordinary people. A man and a woman who do not know each other meet in a white room. Their task is to kiss each other and then to start a conversation. The talk lasts not more than two minutes, and if both people are happy and satisfied with each other they can meet in another place without cameras.
The interest in the program lies in different people’s reaction to their new partners. Some of them like each other at first sight, but a great number of them very often face some awkwardness. The viewers like to look especially at those couples whose relationships look comical and cause a smile and a new season release date is being awaited.
TLC channel known all over the world has already broadcasted 8 episodes of season 1. Because of the fact that the new season air date is still unknown, the public is unable to know the number of new episodes of season two.

Creators and Distributing Company

Love at First Kiss Season 2 Spoiler
The main creator of “Love at First Kiss” is Mike Fleiss, an American writer and producer. His team managed to create an innovative and popular project the last episode of which was released on August 3, 2016. The company responsible for the program and its continuation for a new season premiere is a famous TV network Warner Horizon Television.

Ratings and Prospects

According to the information presented be various respected agencies “Love at First Kiss” has a rather serious rating. The situation follows to be the next:

  • the first episode was watched by 0.581 million viewers;
  • in a month this number decreased to 0.351 millions.

All the feedbacks are different, and this is rather predictable. Some part of the audience believes that the format is not serious and such a plot cannot be called a progressive one. Anyway there is no any information if “Love at First Kiss” season 2 release date will be presented soon or not. When any news appears the creators are sure to announce this to the fans of the program that are waiting for a new episode with great interest.


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