Lost in Transmission Season 2

The new series under the title “Lost in Transmission” for the admirers of cars and everything that is connected with this sphere, is launched by producers from History Channel as another project added to the programming list. The first season is so far the latest with the series fate being yet to be defined.

General description

Lost in Transmission is a newbie on the History Channle now consisting only from one season. The expectations are such that the story can be canceled as the supposed launch period of the unavailable second season has already passed in May. The premiere of the first installment was held particularly on May 7, 2015. It general volume includes six episodes.
Lost in Transmission Season 2 Poster
As for the thematic orientation of the reality show, it is focusing on the restoration of old cars. As you see, the theme is rather threadbare. Maybe that is the reason for the developers keeping mum about its future.
Returning to the production issues, we should name the fabrication company – here it is Adjacent Productions with the team of producers comprising such names as Nathaniel Grouille (Mud, Sweat and Gears, 1000 Ways to Die), Zachary Behr (Pawnography), Travis Shakespeare (Ice Road Truckers, Life Below Zero) Tabitha Lentle (Top Gear USA, Ax Men), Russ McCarroll (Mountain Men, Pawn Stars), and Jane Tranter (Criminal Justice, Intruders, Luther).

What is the idea?

The host of this show is a former leader of Top Gear. He is named Rutledge Wood. He and his team including George Flanigen a specialist in car restoration are embarking every episode on a new automobile case. They travel the country in search of the most under-appreciated classic cars in order to restore them thus showing their true value.
They are finding them in barns, backyards, as well as in neglected garages. The former glory is returned, thus, to cars every time.
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As for concrete details

Embarking on a searching trip, the above-mentioned car specialists have the first bag right in the pioneer episode. So traveling in their 1949 Chevy Kurbmaster step van, they turn to find a purple-painted 1981 DeLorean that was half in water during Hurricane Sandy and now is staying too long in a garage in the state of Georgia.

Is there news concerning the resumption?

The case is such that the series fate is yet to be determined officially by its developers. However, the situation is not in favor of this project without making us stay optimistic. The thing is that the sophomore installment must have been launched already at the close of this past spring as the first season was revealed on May 7, 2015.  It stands to reason that it is very much probable that the series is about to be canceled. Nevertheless, these are only suppositions and not the conclusion as there is no official data.
It is possible that the developers need more time. In any case, let’s hope for the inspiring news including the Lost in Transmission season 2 release date to come off as soon as possible.


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