Long Island Medium Season 9

Long Island Medium is a reality TV project created and released in the USA by TLC channel. The cast includes Theresa Caputo – an experienced medium able to build connection with the world of the deceased. The project was launched on the 25th of September 2011. The filming is done in New York City and its areas. Caputo communicates with her clients revealing new mysteries and helping people in every new episode. The project enjoys enormous popularity on TLC. Long Island Medium season 9 release date is yet to be scheduled. TLC is planning a new release.

Caputo’s methods and her behavior was many times criticized. The well-known magicians criticized her for getting profit of claims that can’t be proved. Most part of the critics believe that what she says she feels is not true. Who knows…
Long Island Medium Season 9 date release


The series concentrates on Theresa Caputo. She’s a charming woman with extraordinary abilities – she’s able to connect with the spiritual worlds of people and their dead friends and relatives. She organizes group meetings and lectures both with those who believe her and with those who treat her with skepticism.

She’s happily married to her husband named Larry. The names of her children are Victoria and Larry Jr. The family does what they can in order to support her mom when she’s criticized by a number of people in mass media. Sometimes it creates discomfort and misunderstanding. Mediumship and family relationship aren’t always a good match. In 2011, Theresa told about her abilities on TV. She said that dead people were communicating to her and she couldn’t hold it. She experienced the same when she had been a kid, but hadn’t been clever enough to realize it. It had been frightening to her in childhood and it’s frightening still.
Long Island Medium Season 9


For all of the 8 seasons the show was extremely successful. The popularity of the series even inspired Theresa to publish several book about her spiritual experiences and journeys. The show is mostly described as entertaining. However, some viewers find it uncomfortable, because the show is closely connected with issues of death and frightening mental and psychological abilities of the main heroine.

Some observers doubt Caputo’s abilities saying that the project is no more than a paranormal performance, but not a reality. The projects looks attractive because of her clients’ willing to believe.
Long Island Medium Season 9

In 2012, Caputo all together with TLC received Pigasus Award for fooling a ton of people with almost no effort spent. Some of the critics expressed their opinion on the show being a threat to trustful people ready to believe in everything after suffering a loss. People in grief are ready to accept everything. However, that’s just an opinion, the show still seems absorbing – hope for the living is better than nothing, right?

9th Season Air Date

Long Island Medium was officially renewed for one more season to be released in 2017. We will let you know as soon as the official 9th season release date is announced in the media.

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